What Did I Post this Week

02/13/17 – Anime Cruch: Murasakibara Atsushi
02/14/17 – [Manga] K – Memory of Red
02/14/17 – [FanFic] Meow (NSFW Rating 18+)
02/15/17 – Hamatora the Animation
02/16/17 – GtKM: Free!
02/17/17 – Top 10 Favorite Male Characters
02/18/17 – Kpop in Anime: Secret


Post that Caught my Attention

6: Bitten by Jill from Jills Writings on Anime
30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE #15 – FAVOURITE ANIME SIDEKICK by Lethargic Rambling from Lethargic Rambling
Melanin Monday: I Am Not Your Stereotype- Racial Representation in Anime [Part I] by Naja from Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
The Flight of a Russian Fairy – A Character Analysis of Yuri Plisetsky {OWLS BLOG TOUR} by Pinky from Pinky’s Place
Diversity and the Normalization of the LGBTQ Community Brought To You By Yuri On Ice by Katrina from Grimmgirldotcom.


My Watch List

~ Continue Watching ~

Nanbaka ep. 20

The group is still trap in building 5. While Uno and Jyugo, mostly Uno, are panicking not knowing where is Nico, our dear fluffy neon green-haired boy is still with his “master” Upa (0558) the qigong user. Upa and is friend Liang (0552) are fighting the Pig head man. Upa his reluctant to use his chi to beat the pig head man cause he doesn’t want Nico to copy him. While Nico try his best to stay away he ends-up fighting as well. During this find we learn that poison have no effect on Nico…no matter in which state the poison is. In this episode we also learn what happen to Nico when his medication wore off.

ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Dept. ep 6

In this episode we learn Jean parents died in a train accident thirteen years on the border of the Peshi district and the Rokkusu district. Peshi didn’t want to take the responsibility of the accident, thus Rokkuse took the full responsibility. Grossular was district-general of Rokkusu at the time and promise to make everything he could to make the train transportation safer which he did. For this reason Jean have a lot of respect for him and doesn’t think he is behind the coup d’état. Jean finished up his audit tour with the Hare district, this one is in the south and seems to have a tropical weather. In order to gain information about the coup d’état Jean decide to get the two head of ACCA from the district drunk, he know that when he get drunk Nino can make him talk. I think Grossular actually have something do to with the future coup d’état but his is not the mastermind.

elDIVE ep.6

Sonotaka is being under arrest for being a spy, there is a video footage of her visiting the section where the dangerous criminals are guarded and she apparently let one out too. During her interrogation she fell ills and had high fever. The reason behind her fever is because she was a test subject for a project about SPH. The project fail and most of the test subject died except Sonotaka. Now she have to take medicine. The really sexy chief Laine Brick think there is a correlation between her letting escape a dangerous criminal and the fact she was a test subject when she was young. Now to help her, Chuuta and some other crew member go down on earth to found the doctor who conduct the project. The only thing is they are not the only one. When they eventually find him…he is dead…maybe more than death with they way they discovered him.

Saga of Tanya the Evil ep 7

This episode is just a recap episode.

Spiritpact ep 7

After being possessed by the spirit in the sword and attack Tanmoku Ki, You is being trapped in a barrier. He is being released by Tanmoku fiance after proving is word was sincere.
While he was talking to an unconscious Tanmoku, You got attack by In Tetsu, he lock in an other world. In Tetsu try to kill Keita, but the latter transform in his ancestor You Nei.
Something is definitely happening in the household and I can’t trust his cousin. they are preparing something, but we have no clue about have it is.

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