Since it’s been two Tuesdays that I’m posting about K-Project, I figure it would be a nice time to publish a “Get to Know Me” post on the series.

Top 3 Character

Fushimi Saruhiko

Twisted little monkey he use to be part of the Homra clan, but since he is a bastard he betrayed them and pledge loyalty to the Blue King

Suoh Mikoto

If you want to stay alive, just don’t get him mad, if you do nothing will be left from you after, no blood, no bones no ashes.

Munataka Reisi

He is the complete opposite of the Red King, while doesn’t control himself and unleash is power whenever he want, the other keep his composure in any situation. However Munataka is probably the scariest of the two.

Most Hated Character

The Last Colorless King

I mainly hate him because he killed Totsuka….and I think it’s a good enough reason

Most Annoying Character


Favorite Clan


One Character Per Clan Excluding the Top 3 Character

Silver Clan: Isana Yashiro

Gold Clan: None

Red Clan: Yata Misaki

Blue Clan: Hidaka Akira

Green Clan: Mishakuji Yukari

Grey Clan: None

Colorless Clan: None

Favorite OP/ED


“Kings” by angela


“Circle of Friend” by Kaji Yuki (Tatara Totsuka)

Of course I can’t end this post without mentioning “Requiem of Red” insert song that can be heard after Mikoto’s death. It is sang by Anna, Kusanagi and the Homra Clansman

6 thoughts on “[GtKM] K-Project

    1. Agree! We don’t see him much but you still feel how he an important part of Homra even if he was the weakest.
      I should had put a note in the post saying that people who really wanna understand the importance of Totsuka must read Memory of Red. The ending is so heartbreaking

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  1. ^agree with the above comment!
    I don’t remember that blue clan member Akira – is that second season?
    Munakata for the win! I’m curious about his scarier side; he’s hiding something under that calm demeanor eh? *goes to read manga*

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