F.T Island, which stand for Five Treasure Island is a South Korean rock band sign under FNC Entertainment. They debuted in 2007 with their first studio album Cheerful Sensibility with “Love Sick” and “Thunder” as lead single.

About a year after debuting in South Korea, the group made their debut in the Japanese market in 2008 with their mini album Prologue of F.T Island: Soyogi. The rock band is quite popular in Japan thus is not a surprise to see them performing anime opening, Ozuma “Neverland”, the 1st ending of Toriko “Satisfaction”



As I said F.T Island debut with the LP Cheerful Sensibility which include “Love Sic”k and “Thunder”

Love Sick


Their latest studio album Where is the Truth? was released in July 2016 and has “Take me Now” as lead single

Take me Now

Even if I listen less K-Music nowadays, FT Island remains one of the rock band I still enjoyed, but I can’t but all the songs I like therefore I picked only three. “Hello Hello” from their 3rd EP Return released in 2011, “Severely” from their 4th EP Grown-Up release in 2012 and “Heaven” from their Colorful Sensibility Pt.2 album release in 2008

Hello Hello



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