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Original Title: Re:_Hamatora
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Super Power
Original Air Date: Jul 8, 2014 to Sep 23, 2014
Episodes Count: 12
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)

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It has been three months since the incident at Yokohama. Things have been settling down at Cafe Nowhere. Murasaki and Hajime have teamed up and started investigating again. After an unforeseen reunion, Art holds Nice at gunpoint. What are his real intentions? What will become of the connection between Art and Hamatora?

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I finally finished-ish watching Re:_Hamatora after delaying it for some week, let’s say that I tend to get distracted easily, so even if I really wanted to finish watching it, I always ending-up doing something else, BUT today I really set my mind and watch enough episode to be able to write a post about it…in other world I lied…i didn’t really finish it. To tell the truth I watched up to episode 6 and then jump to the final. Yes I know I’m cheating, but I didn’t want to delayed the post for another week, by Wednesday felt lonely. I was either cheating or I published an early Last Impression post on Chain Chronicle. I decide to cheat a write a post on Re:_Hamatora.
Now that I’m done give all sort of excuse we can go to the main purpose of that post


This is also known as the 2nd season of Hamatora: The Animation and it the perfect sequel of it. The series start a few month after the end of the 1st season, it open with Nice funeral.

With this 2nd season, we know right away who is the antagonist, Art, in fact we know it’s him considering the final of the previous season, he is the one who “killed” Nice. However the protagonist can’t died even more if they are planning a 2nd season, thus Nice eventually come the first episode. It would have been nice if the wait at least another episode before “reviving” him.

In this sequel we also discover why Art didn’t died when Moral shoot him but I let you discover it.

The major difference between the 1st and the 2nd season is the plot point. While in the first the plot story was around an antagonist whom didn’t have a real goal beside “saving” Nice, the 2nd season Art is really driven by the will of killing him and why he want/need to do it, and everything that is happening will us to that final. One other difference about this season is that if Hamatora, The Animation was more an introduction to the characters, with Re:_Hamatora will learn more about the character with their backstory where they are coming from and what is the Minimum.

Despite the fact it’s not one of the most original story, I still really enjoy it, the fighting scene was great and the character likable, even Art. In the end he is just stubborn and misunderstood.

Did you watched Re:_Hamatora ? Did you like it? Let me know in the comment section below .



3 thoughts on “Re:_Hamatora

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  2. LOL that last gif! He really should have killed him again, I hated Art with a passion!! Art aside, I really liked this series, had a lot of fun concepts and the characters were really cool too. I was so confused by the minimum consequences at first but once the reason was revealed I was like, WOAH!

    Great review!!

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    • Lol gonna have to play the devil advocate here and shield Art. Yes I did despite him at some point in the series, but he actually realize his mistake, he knew he was wrong, that’s why he have an apologizing expression in the end. 😅


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