As I state it on the Weekly Round-up, the blog will undergo a schedule change. This is mainly due to the introduction of a new segment.

The Weekly Round-Up will stay on Sunday, I could have move it to Saturday, since it the last day of the week, however since I finishing to write the post on Saturday and that I tend to schedule my post for noon, I couldn’t move it.

The new segment, will be published on Monday and gonna be called Monday in Music. As the title say, I will talk about music found in anime, opening, ending, background and insert song. Since I can’t review music don’t expect to much on that side, but I hope you will enjoy this new addition.

The Manga and Doujinshi series post will still be published on Tuesday

The Anime Crush post is now on Wednesday

The Get to Know Me (GtKM) post remains on Thursday same for the Top list, it stay on Friday

The Anime series post that was published on Wednesday is now move on Saturday. As you probably noticed lately, I didn’t post on an Anime series weekly, except for the seasonal anime, but those are part of the Weekly Round-up. I’m not planning to post weekly anime series anime more since I don’t really have the time to binge-watch less recent series. Thus, I will watch new episode when I will catch up on the seasonal anime. Each time I will start a new series, a First Impression post will be published to let you know which series I’m planning to watch.

This being said, I will take a week of blogging, need some time to finish the preparation of my schedule. The only post that will be posted this week is a Midorima x Takao (Kuroko no Basuke) fanfic. I’ll comeback to my regular blogging schedule on the 19th of March for the weekly round-up.


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