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03/06/17 – Anime Crush: Hyuuga Junpei

03/07/17 – [Manga] Black Cat

03/08/17 – Re:_Hamatora

03/09/17 – [GtKM]Black Cat

03/10/17 – Top 10 1st Generation Pokemon

03/11/17 – Kpop in Anime: UKISS (Final Post)

**Special Announcement**
I will take a week off blogging the time I fully figure out my new blogging schedule. I was already thinking about changing it after the end of the Kpop in Anime series. A new segment will be introduced and it will be posted on Monday, thus I need to move thing around. When I will be decided on my next schedule, I will to a proper post about it. The only post that will be published next week should be the weekly round-up

Posts that Caught My Attention


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~ My Wacth List ~

***Attention Spoilers Ahead***

elDLIVE ep.9 (Sunday)
On the first day at school Dr. Love, Veronica and Nina got a bowling invitation from Tateyan, Chuta and Sonotaka are invited as well. On place, Chuta and friend realized Chief Laine (sexy as always), Tonto and Riggs are also there. Even if there is an actual case, some cat looking aliens are exporting insects from Earth, this episode have more a comedic side than the previous one.

ACCA 13 – Territory Inspection Dept ep 9 (Tuesday)
The past two weeks I refuse to say anything about it but now most of you should know it. Jean and his sister, Lotta, have royal blood flooding in their veins, but their mother the 2nd Princess, got removed for the Royal Family register, thus they cannot have any claims on the throne. That being said, the rumor was already going around and some territory would rather see the calm and collect Jean as the next king. This goes for Grossular too. He doesn’t want to see ACCA disappear and it will happen if it’s the current prince take the crown. Grossular and Lilum meeting, Lilium seems to have some motive that only Grossular know.

Nanbaka ep 23 (Tuesday)
Honey (0382) is pissed at Jyugo cause he slow them down and he tell him to stay out-of-the-way, to stop tagging along with them. Shock Jyugo is scare to be left alone but Uno being Uno he throw some feels at him and tell him that and make us want to cry. The best quote of the episode is “Who are who you are”  . Mermaid Boy reappear Honey get really pissed cause now he have to save Jyugo and Uno. Honey use a technic he would have rather not use. Even more to save men. His technic is pretty cool but kind of hard to explain. The episode end on Mermaid Boy escaping is stone prison and now he is ready to fight to death. In the next episode Jyugo will finally transform…

Saga of Tanya the Evil ep9 (Friday)
After giving us their version of the D-Day and showing use how army (mage army) fight in cities, the series give us another large-scale plan with the introduction of the rocket V-1. Fro those who are not aware of that, those flying bomb were real thing and got created by the German military, they launched one on London in 1944. In the anime they use it to destroy the enemies Strategic HQ.

Spiritpact ep10 (Saturday)
Keita manage to get back his body from Rakugetsu spirit and make Ritsu fly away. Ristu landed on the Tanmoky ground beside his mother. Ki asked to Keita to find the board “Best Exorcist in the World”, the board is the scabbard of the Rakugetsu sword. Once both of them a reunite, Ki regain is power and prove to everyone he is the only Youmeishi of the Tanmoku family. This week, after the end credits, it didn’t shown any preview of next week episode like the did the previous weeks. It look like a final episode, however the Chinese version of the anime, which is the original source, has 20 episodes. Therefore this should be the middle of the series. I guess we will see next week what happen. 

This conclude my Weekly Round-Up, the next one will not have much on it other than the Post that Caught my Attention and My Watch List

17 thoughts on “Mel’s Round-Up weeks 24

  1. Aww. Thanks for the shoutout. I didn’t expect my post caught your attention, because it was just a random. I mean I love Fullmetal Alchemist and a thought to post something about it just popped out on my mind. Thanks a lot. Cheers!

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  2. Not only one shoutout from you before but now a second–WOW, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my work. It takes time to write posts like that, so I’m glad you appreciated my writing. It’s small moments like these that make blogging worth the time, ya know? So thanks again, oh, and hi Crowley 😛

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