Since I’m planning to published my Top 10 Pokemon for each generation, I figure I could tell you what I like about the game

Top 3 Favorite Pokemon




Top 3 Favorite Type




Favorite Game

Of course I’m a big nostalgic and I really forever enjoy playing to the 1st generation game, but I must say that right now my favorite game are X/Y. I like the view and the graphic. The fact you can custom your character too. With this game you could finally change the trainer cloth and hair style. But I’m also really fond of that new feature in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire ,or ORAS for short, the soaring feature that allowed you to fly and land pretty much everywhere you want.

Favorite map/region

While I really like X/Y in general, I must say my favorite map and cities remains the Hoenn Region. I love all the cities of this region Sootopolis City is my favorite.

Favorite Gym

Here I’m really talking about gym design and not Gym Leader themselves. I must admit it was quite hard to choose, there is a lot of gym that I like, mostly from the most recent game, minus Sun and Moon since there is real gym in it. While I really like Lavaridge Tow gym (ORAS)design, the idea of the outdoor bath is really nice, I really enjoyed getting around Anistar City in X/Y

3 thoughts on “[GtKM] Pokemon

  1. Mel, you don’t know how much I love this post!! How the heck did I miss this?! I have been playing Pokemon for years and I can’t get enough of the series, I’ll probably still be playing it when I’m an old lady 😛

    Fantastic post Mel!!

    Liked by 1 person

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