The 3rd Generation of Pokemon got introduced with the Pokemon video game Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald and count 135 Pokemon that can be found in the Hoenn region. Here my Top 10 Pokemon of the 3rd Generation.

10th Position


Dark type pokemon, Mightyena is  against Bug, Fighting and Fairy attack. Its pokedex entry number is 262

9th Position

Plusle and Minun

It’s really hard to choose one and leave the other aside, Plusle and Minun are two Electric Pokemons, which mean they are weak against ground attack. Their entries are #311 for Plusle and #312 for Minun

8th Position


Ground type Pokemon, Groudon is weak against Water, Grass and Ice attack. Its Pokedex number is 383

7th Position


Absol is a Dark type Pokemon and take more damage from Fighting, Bug and Fairy attack. Absol pokedex entry is #359

6th Position


This Flying and Dragon type Pokemon is weak against Ice, Fairy, Dragon and Rock attack and its pokedex entry is #334

5th Position


Like the Pokemon #311 and #312, this two Pokemons, can’t really be separated, Latias and Latios are two Legendary Dragon/Psychic Pokemon. They are weak against Dark, Bug, Ice, Dragon, Fairy and Ghost attack and have the pokedex entry #380 for Latias and #381 for Latios

4th Pokemon


Swampert is the last evolution of the Water starter of Hoenn, Mudkip, and have the dual type Water/Ground which make it weak against Grass attack. The pokedex entry of this Pokemon is #260

3rd Position


Legendary Pokemon, the Water type Pokemon is weak against Grass and Electric attack and it’s entry Pokedex is #382

2nd Position


Blaziken have the pokedex entry #257, it’s the final evolution of the Fire starter and have the dual type Fire/Fighting which make it weak against Water, Ground, Flying and Psychic attack

1st Position


Rayquaza is a legendary Pokemon with the dual type Dragon/Flying, it is weak against Ice, Dragon, Fairy and Rock attack and it can be found in the pokedex under the number 384.

This was my Top 10 of Pokemon I use the most in the video game coming from the 3rd Generation, next week, we will travel to the Sinnoh region and the 4th Generation Pokemon.

3 thoughts on “Top 3rd Generation Pokemon

    1. Thank you for reading,
      When Ruby/Sapphire came out, I choose Torchic but when ORAS was released I opted for Mudkip and lol I name when the same way you did 😂. I really came to appreciate its dual type water/ground.


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