Pokemon from the 5th Generation was introduced with the Pokemon video game Black and White. This generation count 156 Pokemon (#494 – 649)

10th Position
Braviary (#628)

Evolving from: Rufflet (#627)
Type: Flying/Normal

9th Position
Zebstrika (#523)

Evolving from: Blitzle (#522)
Type: Electric

8th Position
Victini (#494)

Evolving from: —
Type: Psychic/Fire

7th Position
Zoroark (#571)

Evolve from: Zorua (#570)
Type: Dark

6th Position
Emolga (#587)

Evolve from: —
Type: Electric/Flying

5th Position
Serperior (#497)

Evolve from: Servine (#496) < Snivy (#495) – Starter
Type: Grass

4th Position
Cobalion (#638)

Evolve from: —
Type: Steel/Fighting

3rd Position
Samurott (#503)

Evolve from: Dewott (#502) < Oshawott (#501) – Starter
Type: Water

2nd Position
Reshiram (#643)

Evolve from: —
Type: Dragon/Fire

1st Position
Kyurem (#646)

Evolve from: —
Type: Dragon/Ice

This was my Top 10 Pokemon from the Unova region, next week I will choose my 10 favorite Pokemon from the Kalos region which is the 6th Generation of Pokemon. It should be the last Top Pokemon for a while, since I haven’t finished Sun&Moon yet.

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