Basic Information

Title: Nanbaka
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Original Aired Date: October 5th, 2016 to March 22nd 2017


Nanbaka follow the adventure of four inmates and their guard in the most well guarded prison, the Prison Nanba

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I was supposed to write this post back at the end of the 1st season, but since the continue with the 2nd season right away, I delayed it until the end of the 2nd season. Now the Nanbaka 2017 is over and we have no clue when the 3rd season will be (hopefully there is a 3rd one in the work) It’s time to write about the series.

I will first start with the 1st season which really serve as introduction to the character with the exception of the New Years Tournament arc, there is no actual plot line in the 1st season, but the episode still have some kind of order. The 1st season is purely comedic except toward the end which is get darker with Jyugo background story.

The 2nd season still have the comedic side, the anime is label as a comedy after all, but we have much more action and an actual plot line. Something happen to Rock and Yamato in the building 5 and while Hajime, Jyugo, Uno and Nico goes to investigate, they get trapped and discover Enki, Samon (Building 5 supervisor), escape from his cell with the help of Samon assistant, and took control on the Building. In this season we learn more about the inmate of Building 5 and 3, more 5, there is some heartwarming story.

Even if we talk about Nanbaka and Nanbaka 2017 as two different season, I must say that it should be treated as only one season. The 1st season doesn’t have a clear and define ending and the 2nd season just doesn’t have an ending, I’m still bitter about that, if you though Gangsta. had a bad ending don’t watch Nanbaka…yet wait wait all the season are over.

Despite the way the 2nd season end, I still really enjoyed it, it made my laugh, a lot, it stressed me and almost made be cry. Of course the anime is not for everyone. People who doesn’t like the none sense comedic episode will not like the series, at least not the first part, but I will suggest them to give the second part, Nanbaka 2017, a try.

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