All my choice are based of the manga series, I haven’t watch the anime and I doubt watching it one day. But I really enjoyed the manga. You can read my though about the manga here

Top 3 Favorite Character

Kyo Sohma

Unless you haven’t figure it out yet I tend to really like the misunderstood, problematic character. Kyo is one of them. Like all the other cursed Sohma member, he didn’t have an easy life, plus he had the worse cursed possible, The Cat. While he look like an adorable little kitty, when it’s rain in become a monstrous creature.

Yuki Sohma

Yuki is the complete opposite of Kyo, but still have a dark and disturbed past.

Tohru Honda

At first she might come off as an annoying airhead girl, while she is airhead, she is not annoying. Tohru is quite strong and have a gentle side, she put people happiness before her own happiness.

Most Annoying Character

Surprisingly none, some character have an annoying side, like Kagura or Hiro, when they were first introduced, but I came to like them toward the end of the series. Knowing more about them help a lot.

Most Hated Character

Ren Sohma

I was tempted to say Akito…really tempted, but Akito became the way she is cause the way she was raised and cause of her mother, Ren Sohma always been jealous of her daughter and she cause a lot of trouble to other member of the family like Rin and Shigure.

Favorite Couple

I really like Kyo and Tohru couple, their awkwardness is so adorable, but if I have to choose one couple, I think I will go with Hatsuharu and Isuzu. They are a pretty couple, both of them are gorgeous. They love each other more than anything, but despite that Isuzu still decide to break up with Haru to protect him, and Haru decide to never give up on her, knowing her true feeling for him.

Rank the Cursed Sohma from the Favorite to the least Favorite

Kyo Sohma (cat)

Yuki Sohma (Rat)

Shigure Sohma (Dog)

Hattori Sohma (Dragon)

Momiji Sohma (Rabbit)

Hatsuharu Sohma (Ox)

Kisa Sohma (Tiger)

Isuzu -Rin-  Sohma (Horse)

Ritsu Sohma (Monkey)

Ayame Sohma (Snake)

Hiro Sohma (Sheep)

Kureno Sohma (Former Rooster)

Kagura Sohma (Boar)

Akito Sohma (God)

3 thoughts on “[GtKM] Fruits Basket

  1. Okay, so I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this series, because I wanted Tohru to end up with Yuki and not Kyo, but I realize I am in the minority with that…

    I agree, Ren was by far the worst character in the entire series!! She just liked to screw things up for everyone… horrible!

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