Unlike some anime fan, I don’t tend to watch a lot of anime series for each season, for the Fall Season 2016 I had chosen to watch seven series and I end-up finishing five of them. For the Winter Season 2017 I picked five which was originally Saga of Tanya the Evil, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Hand Shaker, Spiritpact, and Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitias.

However, I dropped Handshaker after two or three episode, I couldn’t stand the colors, I couldn’t concentrate on it, but I added elDLIVE to my watch list, thus I still had five anime to watch for the Winter Season 2017. During this season, I also continued watching Nanbaka.

From all the anime I watch and began airing in Winter, ACCA is probably my favorite, closely followed by Tanya the Evil. I enjoyed ACCA for the setting all, I like the diversity that bring the anime, all cities and citizens were different from each other, there was no cities with the same architecture or mentality. For Tanya the Evil, I like the historical side of it.

The series that I enjoyed, more that I would think, even if it was quite predictable, was Chain Chronicle, generic fantasy anime that doesn’t over to it. While the story and characters was not of the most original, I enjoyed everything around it, but what I like the most of the OST, I just loved it.

Put aside Handshaker, I enjoyed all the anime I watched for the Winter season, I enjoyed some more than the other, I got disappointed by an ending and I hope some of them get a second season, thus I could say that for me this season was a great one.
Now we are 3 full week into the Spring Season, I can tell I can I will not watch as much as the two previous season, even if it’s wasn’t a lot to begin with. Hopefully I will not be let down by none of them.

6 thoughts on “Winter Season 2017, Last Thoughts

      1. The fights and attacks were really cool. Actually everything about Chain Chronicle was fun to watch. It didn’t become one of my high recommendations though because I know that its the kind of show that pretty much only people who will watch or read anything fantasy will watch, but we don’t get enough good fantasy anime.

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