Monday in Music – Namida no Riyuu (Reason of Tears)


Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artsist: Murasakibara Atsushi (C.V: Suzumura Kenichi)
Type: Character Song

This track makes an almost direct reference to Murasakibara, and his team, lost to Kuroko and Seirins. People who watch the series know which kind of character is Atsushi, he claim he doesn’t particularly like basketball, he say he play cause he is good at it, that is one of the reason why he stop practicing during his last year of junior high. That being said, he said he doesn’t like basketball, but he still enter in the zone, which mean he must like it and that’s why he cried after the match, he lose at a sport he actually like more than he think himself. The whole lyric talk about his realization of his liking to basketball.

I realized at the last second / The first time I’ve ever felt this way / It’s still so new to me
I’ll take another step forward / Beyond the door that now stands open
It might be nice to give this new game a chance
Lyrics Translation: Grimmfeather

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