I got hook to this series from episode one and while the series is not over (I hope), I still want to feature it, maybe some of the answer will change.

Top 3 Favorite Character

Dazai Osamu

Dazai is the kind of guy that you have to be friend with cause you don,t what to be on his bad side. He use to be in the Port Mafia and he could have become the chief if the criminal syndicate.

Kunikida Doppo

Kunikida is a stoic character who take his job really seriously, but despite his serious side he his quite naive, believing most of the lie Dazai tell him.

Nakahara Chuuya

That’s an other scary one that I wouldn’t want to piss off, but I don’t know if it’s because of his short stature (lol I’m taller than him) but I still find him adorable.

Most Hated Character

Ougai Mouri

I hate him just cause of what he did during the Dark Era ark and lead to Odasaku’s death

Most Annoying Character

Saddest Moment

When the kids Odasaku’s was looking after died. Seeing them calling for help inside the car they were trapped, broke my heart. Odasaku didn’t had time to do anything to save them.

Favorite Ability

No Longer Human – Dazai ability

Dazai ability lets him nullify others’ Abilities on contact. His Ability relies on skin contact and is always active. As such, he can nullify any Ability even while restrained as soon as it touches him. In other words no matter how strong your ability can be, if Dazai touch you, its mean nothing.

Favorite Opening

“Reason Living” from SCREEN mode, opening of the 2nd season

Favorite Ending

“Namae wo Yobu” yo by Luck Life, ending of the 1st Season

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