This list was a bit easier to put together than the Top 10 Supernatural Anime Male Character, but still when I pick the character I came to think I should watch more from the genre.
Once again, this list is based on anime/manga tagged as “Super Power” by My Anime List, of course some could fit in other tag.

10th Position

Amano Ginji (GetBackers)

The 1st time we met Ginji, we see a sweet and innocent kid, but once we know his pass in the Limitless Fortress, we quickly understand he is not as innocent as he look like.

9th Position

Nice (Hamatora)

Nice have somewhat of a carefree attitude, but he know what he have to be serious. He care about his friend, even if those friend turn back against him.

8th Position

Midou Ban (GetBackers)

Don’t get on the bad side of this guy, not only he know how to fight, but he is also a genius. If you ever make him mad, make your to never look at him in the eyes and stay far away from his grip, although both might be hard to do.

7th Position

Munataka Reisi (K-Project)

The cool and collect Blue King, knows who to use his pawns to get what he want. You can never be sure of what he is thinking, but one thing is certain is that he care about his subordinates more than it appear.

6th Position

Bardolias S. Fanghini (Black Cat)

Proud and loyal to the organization in work for, Bardolias, Bardol for short, is a terrific fighter. It’s the only thing he can do he is born to fight.

5th Position

Yata Misaki (K-Project)

Homra’s vanguard, try to appear tough and rough, but he is just a precious little pumpkin. He is a bit simple-minded and tend to act before thinking, but it’s part of his charm

4th Position

Suoh Mikoto (K-Project)

Mikoto is the short-tempered Red King, the fire burn in his eyes when he fight. From the moment his best friend was killed, Mikoto was like a lion running lose in Tokyo Metropolis.

3rd Position

Train Hearnet (Black Cat)

Once upon a time, Train was a dangerous assassin from a worldwide crime organization, while he is not an assassin anymore, he remains dangerous for his enemies.

2nd Position

Murasaki (Hamatora)

He is the thinking head of the PI Duo he formed with Nice, he rather look at all the possibilities before acting. while he might envy his partner, he still really care about him.

1st Position

Fushimi Saruhiko

Of course, for people who know me, this is not really a surprise. I love that twisted misunderstood monkey, so much. I can’t count the number of time I squeal while browsing his name tag on Tumblr. Fushimi is highly intelligent and doesn’t trust easily. Fushimi didn’t had an easy childhood, his mother was almost never there and his father psychologically abused him when he was there. All this made a tortured Fushimi with trust issue. While he still care about the one he use to call his bestfriend, he will never openly show it.

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    1. Thanks for reading 😀
      Lol I struggle with that list, I had to made did twice cause I completely forgot Black Cat and Get backers 😅 I have to kick out some other characters to include them 😅

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