Monday in Music – Clutch Time

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Hyuuga Junpei (C.V: Hosoya Yoshimasa)
Type: Character Song

In case you even noticed it yet, I like character song, I like them even more even they fit, almost too perfectly, the character they sing it. It’s the case of the present track. While it’s not part of my top character song from Kuroko no Basuke, I must admit it’s one of the best when in come to link it to a character.

First of all the title refer to Hyuuga “Clutch Time/Mode” personality, but what does that mean? It simply mean that Hyuua personality tend to change when he is under pressure and he become a better player. Normally Hyuuga is a calm and collect character, yes he yell a lot at Kagami, but the Ace is an idiot, however when he enter in his “Clutch” personality, Hyuuga become heated and rude.

“Clutch Time” perfectly reflect that, not only with lyric, but also with the way the song is build/arranged

The song slowly start with a piano line and soft percussion (drum) is added to it, a calm Hyuua start singing the first verse until the pre-chorus, where the clutch mode Hyuuga come forward. The pre-chorus are more rock and upbeat as apply with the chorus.
The difference in the instrumental between each part, follow the lyric

Verse 1

Glistening sweat and resounding cheers / Everybody’s doing a great job
They’re completely focused and giving it their all
Hey, you—the one who’s been fooling around / Just who do you think you are?
Oh, I see / You’re trying to make me angry…

In the first verse he is really more calm, talking about how the game is going and how the team member does is best, until someone decide to piss-off Hyuuga and then the pre-chorus start follow by the chorus with the rude Hyuuga


You’re asking for trouble, idiot / You’ll be dead in an instant
You’re getting ahead of yourself, bastard / I’ll make you regret it
You should quit while you’re ahead / My laughter is ringing in my ears
I already told you to get out, you dumbass


If you’re gonna cry, shut up and get on the bench!!
I’m invoking a clutch time that has no match the world over
I’ve sacrificed a few famous generals
Prostrate yourself before me

As you can seem the progression of the melody and song arrangement, follow the lyric, you can clearly read the difference between the “two” Hyuuga.

I must admit, while writing this post, I had the song on repeat, and more I was listening to it, more I was finding it brilliant.

Lyric translation credit: Grimmfeather 

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