Ahh OTP and Ship if there is something anime fan are good at is that, even when we talk about straight characters, some anime fan, as myself, find a way to ship the said characters together. That what happen while watching Kuroko no Basuke, I could help but ship characters together and that why I give you a list you probably will never ask for.

10th Position

Haizaki x Nijimura

Some might find that pairing quite weird, but more I think about it more, I can’t imagine them with other…okay maybe Haizaki with Kise and Nijimura with Akashi, but beside that it’s quite hard. Hazaiki really get his ass kicked by his captain most of the time, Nijimura is probably the only captain Haizaiki is scare of.

9th Position

Kise x Takao


I know, I know we doesn’t get to see them interact together and that idea come from the picture above. I see them more as a “BROTP” than an actual ship, I don’t picture them going lovey-dovey on a date, but I do see them hanging out together, most probably in a Karaoke.

8th Position

Hyuuga x Teppei

Ah the parental figure of the team, their bickering doesn’t really help to not see them together, they really look like an old couple arguing about stupid stuff

7th Position

Murasakibara x Himuro

Mukkun listen, or maybe more obey, to only two person, Akachin and Murochin. The way Himuro can get things from Murasakibara tell a lot about who will lead in that relationship.

6th Position

Kuroko x Akashi

This ship can be seen as a OTP” or “BROTP”, but I personally more sees it as a OTP probably cause of all the doujinshi I read with the both of them.

5th Position

Aomine x Kise

That one sexy couple, Kise look-up to Aomine a lot, thus to me it’s almost logical to ship them together.

4th Position

Kuroko x Aomine

That friendship between the former light and his shadow could easily goes beyond that.

3rd Position

Kuroko x Kise

credit: @shima920

From all the Generation of Miracle member, Kise is probably the one that respect the most Kuroko, he never stop believing in him. Kise is always happy and get hyped around Kuroko like a cute little puppy.

2nd Position

Kuroko x Kagami

This is really my second best pairing, I can’t get enough of those two.

1st Position

Midorima x Takao

OMG I write a KnB related post and Aomine is not 1st!!! I must be sick!!…okay not really. While I love the guy, I have to admit this OTP is probably the most obvious one, at least for me, the way they interact with each other just make thing more easier to imagine.

This was my wonderful Top 10 of “OTP”/”BROTP” coming from Kuroko no Basuke
I ask the crazy fangirl, which is your fave? Does your favorite made the list?

See You next time!

9 thoughts on “Top 10 OTP/BROTP in Kuroko no Basuke

  1. Nice list. My favorite relationship in the show is the one between Aomine and Kuroko. But there a lot of others too, most of which show up in this list. The only one that doesn’t is the Hyuga/Aida/Kiyoshi dynamic.

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    1. If I was doing a mixed list, Hyuuga x Aida and Kiyoshi x Aida would made the top. One thing I would have like to see in the Anime is Hyuuga and Aida date but I wonder if it would have happen knowing Aida and Kiyoshi dated prior the beginning of the series 🤔

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had no idea Aida and Kiyoshi were a thing pre-series. I seee.

        Tbh, I like all three of them together more than any of the pairings among them. A little poly ship for the soul.


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