Round-up are back as promise, since I was attending the Anime North in Toronto, I couldn’t write it. Therefore, this week I will write week 35 and 36 in one post. Concerning the convention, I might make a post about it…I might.

What did I Posted

05/22/17 – Monday in Music – F.O.V
05/24/17 – Anime Crush: Ushijima Wakatoshi
05/26/17 – [FanFic] Lonely Eagle
05/26/17 – [FanFic] Little Black Bird
05/26/17 – Top 10 Favorite Anime Male Villains
05/29/17 – Monday in Music – Bring it on Now
05/30/17 – [Doujinshi] LiberLove
05/31/17 – [Anime Crush] Marco Adriano
06/01/17 – Hidden Theme in Gangsta.
06/02/17 – Top 10 Blond Anime Male

What Did I Read


Having Strength In Your Voice – ( May Owls Blog Tour) by Lita from LitaKinoAnimeCorner
Grimgar: Stronger Together, Now & Forever | OWLS “Strength” by Takuto
[OWLS Blog Tour] Our Imperfections Make Us Stronger- Learning to Accept Your True Colors by Naja from Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
OWLS: The Struggle To Find Strength In The Power Rangers Movie (2017) by Lyn from Just Something About LynLyn
“Team” Blog Tour Schedule (June 2017) by Arria from OWLS: Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect

Inside WordPress

8 Handsome Anime Characters You Obsessed With Over 15 Years Ago by Kurumi Shim
Filler Post: The 5 Life Lessons you’ll learn from watching Anime! by D&A Anime Blog
Haikyuu!! vs Kuroko no Basket by Tessa from All About Anime
TERROR IN RESONANCE: HEROES AND VILLAINS by ennadune from Friend of Fiction
Top 5 Opening of 2016 by Ka-chan from Ka-chan Anime Reviews

Outside WordPress

Anime Heroes Find Their Mr. Miyagi As Japanese Fans Pick Their Favorite Mentors by Scott Green from Crunchyroll

What did I Watched

Laughing Salesman episodes 8 and 9
With the exception of one customer, I think they all got what they deserve in the end. In the first case the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” is totally related to the customer, if he would have patiently wait he would have eventually see the end of his dream. He is already lucky Moguro-san didn’t ask him to find the source of his nightmare, waiting will not have killed him. For the taxi driver, Moguro told him he always had it inside him, if he have work on himself and not be a jerk to the old lady, it would have work out perfectly fine. The researcher did to his young assistant almost the same of what his ex-girlfriend did to him, he stole his research. The only one that I really pity is the bath house enthusiasms, even if he kind of lie to Moguro, you can’t lie to him, Moguro knows everything.

Attack on Titan season 2 episode 34 and 35
While the end of the season is drawing near, Reiner and Bertholt exact goal is not revealed yet. We found the traitor, Eren and Ymir waiting for the night to come up in the tree of the giant forest. While Eren and Ymir slowly getting back their limbs, we realized Reiner block a lot of thing from his memory in order to survive, he lie to himself and believe that lie, we have flashback of Marco death. We also learn more about Ymir pass and how much she care about Crista, Reiner and Bertholt tell her Crista is also important to them for other reason. Scout are approaching, Reiner and Berthotl decide to leave earlier, while they are escaping Ymir manage to convince them to get Crista now. The episode end on Reiner turning into the Armored Titan and escaping with Bertholt on his back, Eren is unconscious with them and Ymir in her Titan form hold Crista in her mouth. Hannes and some of the 104 recruits pursuit them. As I said the end of the season is near, only two episode left and I’m really looking forward the end of it, even if I know a part of have will happen.

This is what happened in the anime land the past two weeks, I really don’t know hoe next week will be since I’m going back to work. Gonna try to schedule as much post as I can as always.

See You Next Time!!

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