Remember last week when I said it was hard choosing only 10 blonde haired anime male characters? You know what, it was even harder choosing 10 black-haired anime male characters, the struggle was real I had 40 characters name written down, at some point I just thought to do pick 20 and make a two parts list, but I manage to narrow it down to 10, this is quite an achievement to me.

But before presenting you my ten favorite black-haired boys, I have to give some honorable mention to, Hyakuya Yuuchirou from Seraph of the End, Kuroo Tetsuro from the sport anime Haikyuu!! and Nijimura Suuzo, aka the captain Rainbow, from Kuroko no Basuke

Now make some play for those ten fabulous black-haired creature

10th Position

Ichinose Guren (Seraph of the End)

Yes, the guy is badass, yes he is really powerful, but I don’t trust him even after reading the light novel, I seriously have a love-hate relationship with him.

9th Position

Katsuki Yuuri (Yuri on Ice)

Precious Katsudon, adorable outside the rink and sexy while skating. I wanted to hug him more than once through the series. He had it hard, the struggle he had to go through to achieve what he did is big. Seeing him growing through the 12 episode was a delight.

8th Position

Nanase Haruka (Free!)

Water enthusiasm, he could fall in the ocean during a cruise and he will not be in a hurry to get rescue, in fact he people forget him in the water he might even be happy.

7th Position

Sebastian Michaelis

I’ll sell my soul to that demon anytime, he is truly one hell of a butler, he can do everything, he his sexy AF plus he love cats

6th Position

Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

I loved Levi right from the beginning, he looked so badass. I loved him even more after watching the OVA with him as main character. He is the Humanity’s stronger soldier for a reason, the guy know his shit and I wouldn’t dare to piss him off.

5th Postion

Kougami Shinya (Psycho-Pass)

I really don’t know what to see about the guy else than what I already said in past post, thus I will just link them. You can read about what I think of Ko here and here

4th Position

Kazunari Takao (Kuroko no Basuke)

Takao was one of my three pick for the Anime Male Character Challenge, so I think it’s logical to put him here,plus he ranked 5th on my favorite male character list.

3rd Position

Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

He rank 1st on my Top 10 list of favorite male character appearing in a fantasy anime and he also make is way in the 25 Days Anime Male Character Challenge. I just love he guy for everything he is. He might appear cold at first, but behind that facade, he hide someone who truly care about his friend, he is even ready to shake up the higher ranking officer to have the answer he want.

2nd Position

Kageyama Tobio (Haikyuu!!)

That kid is my favorite Haikyuu!! characters. He is a socially awkward little crow with the temper of a 5yrs old. He is misunderstood and might look cold at first, but soon as you pass that facade, you just have a precious volleyball idiot who doesn’t know how to make friend.

1st Position

Fushimi Saruhiko (K-Project)

If you know me, you probably also know that I love the guy, not as much as a certain basketball idiot or hot vampire, but Saru is still 3rd on the list of my favorite anime male character. He is twisted and doesn’t know how to express himself, he tend to assume people will understand, but the only who can do that it’s his present bass. He is lacking in communication abilities, and that cost him is friendship, but even if he is  taunting Misaki which time he see him, Fushimi still care about the one he use to be is best friend, in fact Yata was his only real friend. Due to his past, due to the way he was treated by his mother and father, Saruhiko have trust issue, which doesn’t really help with his work.

This was my top 10 list of my favorite black-haired anime male character, next list should be the brown-haired cutie, hopefully it will be easier than this one.

See you next time

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