Basic Information

Original Title: Aku no Kyouten
English Title: Lesson of the Evil
Mangaka: Eiji Karasuya (Art), Yusuke Kishi (Story)
Genre: Horror, School, Psychological, Seinen, Thriller
Published: March 2012 to September 2015
Chapters: 36
Volumes: 9

~ Disclaimer ~

This post contain spoilers regarding the manga series Lesson of the Evil, if you haven’t read the series yet, I suggest you to stop reading and come back after finishing it.

* ~ *

I don’t remember how I came across this series, but it’s probably from the Facebook page of the French publisher and I have to say despite what I’m about to say, I really enjoyed the series

It’s a dark series with a lot of blood and an interesting concept. the main character is the villains of the story

When I began reading it, I was hooked after the 1st volume, I couldn’t stop, I was excited to see what will happen next. I already said it and probably say it again, I enjoyed Lesson of the Evil very much. Seeing the main character, Seiji Hasumi, going from the perfect teacher to a mass murderer was amazing. I like pretty much everything from this series…pretty much everything except the ending, I rarely get disappointed by an ending, even opening ending. The last time I got disappointed by a series was when I watched Gangsta.

While Gangsta. ending was bad cause of the financial problem of Manglobe, the studio had to declare bankruptcy therefore the anime series was cut short, Lesson of the Evil ending was disappointing for other reason.

Hasumi the main character didn’t get the end he deserved. Yes, he got arrested, however he wasn’t sentenced to death like he should have too (the capital punishment is a legal penalty in Japan. It’s applied in practice only for murderer – source Wikipedia). Instead, he was placed in a psychiatric institution, guess his lawyer did a really good job by convincing the jury Hasumi was mentally ill and wasn’t aware of what he was doing.

The thing is, Hasumi wasn’t mentally ill and was perfectly aware of what he was doing when he killed two of his co-worker, the school nurse and all the other student. He had planned EVERYTHING from the very beginning. He knew what he was doing, each time he pulled the trigger of his rifle.

When I was reading the few last chapters, I was really hoping he would be sentenced to death knowing it hasn’t been abolished in Japan, thus when I realized he was hiding behind the metal illness excuse I got mad. I got mad because nowadays is something we heard too often. Too often killer plead the metal illness, they claim they weren’t aware of what they was doing. While it is a reality, it can happen someone snap off if they are mentally unstable, it’s seems to become a trend among the killer who planned in advanced their act to hide behind that excuse and now we almost belittle it. I was disappointed, I would have like to see the law and jury to see through his play and to the right thing which is executed him.

You have to know that I’m not all the way for the death penalty, it depend of the case. Of course I know there was a lot of mistake in the past, so this final sentence have to be taken in consideration only and only when they are sure at 100% it was all planned and there is a HIGH risk the killer, kill again. When one is really mentally unstable and kill it is truth the right thing to do is to send that person in a psychiatric institution, send that person somewhere where he or she get the help they need. But it’s not Hasumi case.

When he decide to kill all his student cause the things weren’t going like he wanted, it wasn’t the first time he kill. Hasumi killed his own parent when he was a teenager while thy were in vacation, but manage to make everyone believe they got attack in their hotel room by stabbing himself in the back and it’s not the only bad deed he did.

Hasumi is a psychopath, he cannot be rehabilitated, he is calculative and manipulative, he know what he is doing, he will kill again and again. I wouldn’t be surprised he already planned to kill the survivor once he get released, the right thing to do in his case was to sentence him to death. Of course I know, as the reader I saw all the evidence, we read him think and planned his murder, we read about his past, all thing the jury didn’t have to deliver the verdict.

Now, even if I’m not satisfy with the ending, it’s still an interesting twist to the story. Pretty sure most of the reader thought he would get executed for what he did.

Will I suggest the series, despite what I think of the way it end? yes definitely, it’s a good thriller series with a lot of blood and some good “What the fuck is happening moment”

4 thoughts on “Interesting Story. Disappointing Ending: My Dissatisfaction Regarding Lesson of the Evil

    1. I enjoyed the manga for the most part of it, I would recommend it to someone who is looking for a good psychological manga. My only problem was really the way it ended, I feel it’s because I saw too many real life case ending this way.

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