After a hiatus of two years due to health problems, Gangsta. mangaka, Kohske, felt well enough to resume the series and published chapters 42 and 43.

** Warning, T his Post Contain Spoilers **

Chap 39

In the last chapter published, before the hiatus of two years, Worick discover Daniel Monroe true face after he nearly killed Nicolas. Understanding the city of Ergastulum might become a war zone soon, Worick decide to abandon his neutrality. He killed Miles, Monroe’s second-in-command and bring his head to Corisca.

Chap 43

In the Chapter 42 and 43, published in May, the story is divided in two, maybe more in three. One side we have Marco and Galahad fighting the Destroyer. Marco is still fighting Striker while Galahad is fighting Colt. There is Worick who is planning his meeting with Uranos Corsica. Lastly, there is Nicolas who doesn’t have any “Master” anymore, he can’t follow Worick where he is going. Corsica hate for the twilight is well-known. thus, Nicolas offer himself as test suject to Theo in order to test a new kind of Celebrer, the drug the Twilight need in order to live.



~ My Thoughts~

I’m not gonna lie, I’ really worried about how thing will turn. All through the series, Worick kept talking about Nic as his best friend, not like a thing he possesses and he doesn’t like to order him around BUT he also said he “doesn’t feel like joining the Twilight to death”(1) to big Mama Georgina. Does that mean he is so scared for his life that he is ready to leave behind him that one he called his best friend all this time? or he have a plan for Nicolas.
On Marco/Galahad side, I really hope Galahad killed Colt, just because that bastard killed Doug as for Marco vs Striker it seems Striker is a bit stronger than Marco and he doesn’t hold back either, thus even if I hope Marco win that fight, I doubt it happen with the look Connie had on her face and what Beretta said to Striker at the end of chapter 42. A part of me want Marco to be alive…but we will see maybe Strike didn’t kill him…yet

Chap 42

(1) – Chapter 41


Chapters 43 was release toward the end of May, therefore I assume it will be the same for chapters 44, but as we know, Kohske have serious health issues and she is passing lot of time in the hospital, thus it’s not 100% certain we have a new chapters for June. Of course I will keep an eyes (or two) on in and come back with my thoughts when it will come out.

Now of course I have to ask you, did you read the new chapter? What did you think of it?

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