What did I Posted this Week

06/12/17 – Monday in Music – Crafty
06/13/17 – [Chapters-by-Chapters] Gangsta. 42/43
06/14/17 – [Anime Crush] Ichinose Guren
06/16/17 – Top 10 Brown-Haired Anime Male Character


What did I Read this Week


The Poor Perception of Male Crossdressers in Japanese Media – OWLS June Blog Tour | Team by Remy Fool from The Lily Garden
OWLS Team Tour: When Fetish Yaoi by Katrinasade from GRIMMGIRLDOTCOM

Inside WordPress

Let’s Talk About Reiner by Ka-Chan from Ka-Chan Anime Review


What did I Watched this Week

Laughing Salesman, episode 11 (Monday)
For this week episode, I will just pass over the first customer since once again it’s a customer with a “I need more excitement in my life” problem, maybe if he should take the time to talk with his wife he wouldn’t have that problem. The second customer pretty much forced her own dream on his daughter, while it is true the girl liked to sing and dance when she was younger, it doesn’t mean she want to do that the rest of her life. I got scared when the truck was about to hit her thankfully Moguro-san act at the right time. This one doesn’t really have a bad end since the Mom punishment to not have listened to Moguro warning was to get on stage and pretend to be an idol. While the crowd wasn’t sure about that, her daughter and herself quite enjoy it.

Attack on Titan season 2, episode 12/37 (Saturday) – Final
OOOOH that episode final…it made cry and scream. Cry when Hannes died even if I knew it was coming and scream when Eren activate the “Coordinate”, that’s probably when the episode title is “Scream” everyone scream a lot in this one, character and viewers. The next season, season 3, is already be announced from somewhere in 2018, hopefully it will debut for the Spring season (it would be better if it was the Winter one but this would be asking for too much.)


And an other week just pass, a really lazy week, it look like I’m working a lot but all those post I published are scheduled since last week. Yes the schedule option is my best friend, I would be really sad if it wasn’t there. But it’s not like I didn’t time to write this week, I work only four days and on those four days three I finished at 1pm But that’s also mean I started early which mean I had to wake-up at 4h30am (ishhh that’s way to early). I had time to write but I was so tired once I got home that I was just laying on my bed looking at my phone wondering what I should do of my spare time.

As you probably noticed, I decide to add a new segment to my blog, [Chapter-by-Chapters], the series I will cover with this new segment are Gangsta., Seraph of the End and Cardcaptor Sakura, Clear Card arc. The warning will be on each post, but this series will contain Spoilers, thus we you haven’t start reading any of those series but you plan to, I suggest you to wait to have read the featured chapter before reading the post. Unless you don’t mind spoiler, if it’s the case, I hope you will enjoy the post.

See You Next Time

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