[FanFic] Love Strain Part 1

Series: K-Project
Pairing: Fushimi x Yata
Genre: NSFW (RT18+), Explicit Content
By: Pervy ~ Mel

“Over there!!!! I saw her running this way”

Only scream could be heard in the street of Tokyo Metropolis, the Scepter 4 agents had spot a Strain and now she was running away. They needed to catch her fast before she made any damage. The information about her abilities haven’t been disclosed yet, thus the blue agent didn’t knew what she would do to them once them catch her. Was she a common class Strain or a Beta. None of the men on the field knew the information, therefore while they was still running after her, they still tried to be cautious about it.

The Blue Clansmen was running after the Strain on the loose for a few more hours, looking everywhere she could hide, when they receive a call telling them to stop the chase, the strain have been caught. Relieved the agent in the street headed back to Tsubaki-mon, Scepter 4 headquarter, wondering who was the agent whom catch her. But, even if they was curious about it, for them it didn’t matter anymore, she had been caught, and not they could go back to filling report safe and sound behind the gate of the Scepter 4 propriety.

The next day, the agent who was chasing the Strain, learnt the identity of the one who catch her. Without no real surprise they was told it was Fushimi Saruhiko, the Third-in-command, who caught her alone. Fushimi was young and intelligent and it seems the Blue King, Munataka Reisi was really fond of him, even if they didn’t look like they was getting along. Saruhiko was also known to be an ancient Red clansman, he still have the mark of Homra on the left side of his chest. He wasn’t the talkative type, silent always alone, doing most of the work by himself. Everything seems to be a pain to him, the only thing that seems to entertain him was to piss-off his high school friend, Yata Misaki, who was part of Homra, the latter always make a sure to call Fushimi a traitor.

When some of his fellow clansmen wanted to congratulate him for arresting of the day before, they could see him nowhere, asking for is whereabouts they were told it was his day off and Fushimi had decided to go out for the day. Most of the agent didn’t believe that, they all knew Saruhiko wasn’t the type to go out during his day off, but they didn’t ask more. It was probably something related to the strain he catch. The little group of Scepter 4 agents decide to go back to their duties. They weren’t allowed to know the true and maybe it was better like that.

*Earlier the same day*

Fushimi woke-up early, really early, his body was so warm, his head was spinning. When he tried to get up he collapsed on the floor cursing at himself. He manage to get up and headed to the kitchen, maybe he only needed to fresh water. He would dry some water and then go back to bed. He really hope to meet no one on his way, even more not the Captain Munataka, God’s know what he would say.

No one was in the kitchen when he got there, he took out a glasses, pour water in it and drank it slowly, his throat was dry and he had trouble swallowing. He was still feeling dizzy, the lean on the counter, wondering if he could go back to his room without problem.

We was still at the counter we he heard footstep behind him, it was Munakata

“Fushimi-kun…You are really early” said the Blue King

“Tsk Couldn’t sleep anymore, needed water, I was about to go back to my room” replied Fushimi leaving the edge of the counter before losing his balance, Munataka catch him just before he hit the floor. The dark-haired young man was panting and sweating big drop. The Blue King heard him murmuring a name: “Misaki…” before passing out completely.

Munataka carried his unconscious clansman to his room and called the doctor. He was worried about the young man condition and was wondering if it was related to the Strain Fushimi arrested the day before. When the doctor arrive accompanied by the Lieutenant Awashima, Captain Munataka left, heading for the prison. He wanted to have a talk with the Strain. He knew what was her ability but didn’t knew what to do in case there is after effects.

Arriving in front of the cell, the Blue King saw her laying on the bed like bench looking at the ceiling. He call her out and receive only a side look in place of reply.

“Get up, we need to talk said” Munataka waiting for a reaction “Unless you wanna taste my blade”

Despite his threat, he was still perfectly calm, he knew anger will bring nothing good. If he wanted her to talk he needed to stay firm without showing his emotions.

“The Blue King want to talk about what?” slowly asked the Strain “I already answered all the questions your men asked”

“It is true you answered all their question, but now I’m the one asking, not my agents” calmly replied the Blue King. “ I just want to know what happen if the people who touched you develop the symptoms you described.

“Oh~ So that little cutie got affected” said the woman happy because of that turn of event. “What he have to do is simple…make out with the one he care the most about” she added with a small laugh”

“Make out…?” asked Munataka

“Make out like having sex, being laid, call it the way you want, it will remain the same. Your man gonna had to have some fun time with the one he care the most about”

Munataka remain silent, the agent who was with him, whispered “But Fushimi doesn’t care about anyone”

Munataka looked at him and an enigmatic smile appear on his lips “Our Fushimi-kun does care about someone” he told the blue agent to the puzzled young man in front of him. “Got tell the Lieutenant Awashima she gonna have to call her friend the bartender”


The agent run to deliver the message to the Lieutenant while the captain has still with looking at the Strain who was definitely enjoying the situation.

“Thank you for your collaboration” he said before leaving.

The Blue King headed back to the main building. Hoping Awashima had already call the Red clansmen. People knew Fushimi was once a member of the red clan, but not a lot of people knew his old best friend was also a member of the Red Clan. While there was a time where they were getting along, now they were like water and oil, they barely couldn’t stand each other, at least that was some was thinking. However Munataka knew despite what was saying Fushimi, the latter still care about Yata. Thus Yata was the key to resolve the problem they had in their hand now.

Kusanagi Izumo, owner of the bar Homra, just hang up after finishing talking with the Lieutenant Awashima. He was trying to think about what the Blue woman just said, but someone was screaming in the bar, that someone didn’t want to have anything to do with the Blue Clan, that someone was Yata Misaki.

He was shouting about that damn Monkey, cursing him, saying he could died and everyone would be happy of that happen. Kusanagi was getting impatient

“Yata! If you doesn’t want to collaborate, I just tell them to come and arrest you” he angrily said

“WHAT!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!!” replied Misaki shouting in the restaurant.

“I can and I will…” calmly said the bar owner.

“Yata-San…” said a gentle voice

“But…” slowly said Misaki looking at the owner of the little voice

The voice belong to Anna the King of the Red Clan. Anna was only a child but also a Strain. Despite her young age, she was really mature for her age and unlike the previous what the previous King , Suoh Mikoto, seems to think, Anna believe the two clan could work together.

Anna was looking at the Red Clan vanguard, hoping he change his mind, she didn’t want to force him to help the Blue Clan, but she didn’t want to have any problems with them either, plus she wanted to help them, like the Blue King helped her when she presented as the new Red King.

The young Red King was looking at Misaki with begging eyes, Yata let out a sigh and finally agree to help the Blue Clan:

“Guess I have no choice…I just don’t understand why it has to be me” said Yata

“They specifically asked for you” replied Izumo

“Alright…alright guess I’ll have to go there now” told the Homra vanguard taking his skateboard

“You don’t have to go there, they will pick you up here” said replies the blond man

“uh ? Really?” asked Yata

“That what Seri-chan said” answered Kusanagi before going back behind his counter.

Misaki sat on the couch, waiting for the car to pick him up wondering what happened to Fushimi for the Blue Clan to ask for him, only him. “Stupid Monkey” he thought, Yata knew he didn’t really have the choice but he really didn’t feel like helping a traitor. Even if deep down he knew Saruhiko had his reason, he still haven’t forgave him for leaving the Red Clan to go with the Blue Clan.

Homra vanguard was brought back to the reality when the door of the bar open, it was the Blue King accompanied by his Lieutenant.
“Yata-San time to go Fushimi-kun is waiting for you” said Munataka with a smile

“Hmph what that stupid Monkey did?” asked the young man

“He only catch a Strain” answered the Blue King without giving any more information.

He could see the question marks in Yata’s eyes, but the Blue King knew he couldn’t said anything now, if he did Yata might back up and it was already are enough to convince him the first time

“You gonna have all the information you knew when you will be on place” explain Munataka

Yata still wasn’t sure, he didn’t want to go but he already had agreed and he wasn’t the type to back up

“Then let go see that stupid Monkey” said Yata with a sigh.

Part 2

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