For most of us the Spring season is over or close to be done, therefore it is now the time to make a last post to wrap it up

A lot of aniblogger give their favorite/worst anime of the season and to be honest while I would like to make one to, I just can’t since I haven’t watch a lot of series this past Spring season.
Instead, I will compare my initial watch list post for the Spring Season that you can found here and see if I watched all the anime on that list if yes did I dropped any or if I finished it.

The fist anime of my watch list was the season two of Attack on Titan. I watched from the beginning until the end, screaming, laughing and crying. I really enjoyed it and I seriously can’t wait for the 3rd season to come.

I also wanted to watch King Avatar, but I couldn’t find where to watch it, thus I just put it aside hoping to find it somewhere t watch it. Now I know it’s seems to be legally available on Youtube, therefore I might give it a try eventually.

One series I have on my original watch list that I really wanted to watch but couldn’t, is Atom the Beginning, this is the prequel to Astro Boy, I grew up with the 80′ version, it’s part of my childhood, but sadly the series was an Anime Strike exclusive and I’m not ready to paid for that only to watch one series.

The last anime on the list is my only dropped of the Spring season, Armed Girl’s Machiavellism. I watched 4 or 5 episode before getting really bored, I was wondering where is was going, somehow I feel like the second half could have been better, but I didn’t feel the need to continue just to see how the series resolve. The only good thing about this series was probably the lead male character.

There is two series that I watched from the Spring season but didn’t appear on my initial watch list, Laughing Salesman and The World of Yamikuzan.

My thought about Laughing Salesman was include in my weekly round-up, I enjoyed the show, it has an interesting concept, but I will not watch more than what I already watch. Unless they decide to include a major twist in a future season (if there is any) 12 episodes was enough for me.

I didn’t talk about The World of Yamizukan, while it was presented as an anime, I didn’t feel I was watching one, when I watched the series. This series is really not for everyone, each episode are about 5 minutes long and each story are different, there is no link between them, the series only depicted what one could call Urban Legend. There is still 2 episode left before the end of the series, I will watch it, but if it come back eventually with a second season, this series will not be on my watch list.


This post wrap-up my Anime spring season and now looking forward the Summer Season which will start on the 1st of July, hopefully I will have more series to watch, watch out for the Watch List post, which should be published somewhere this week

See you next time

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