Ferid Bathory is a fictional character from the anime and manga series Owari no Serafu (Seraph of the End), he is the 7th progenitor, in other words a noble vampire. Ferid is the vampire that killed Yuuichirou “family” and deadly wounded Mikaela.

Before going further, I need to warn you, this post will contain information regarding some of the latest manga chapter, in short spoilers. If you are not up to date and you don’t like spoiler stop reading

Ferid can be seen as one of the villain of the series, but frankly even if I have no clue about his goal, I doubt his is a villain, yes he is a vampire and vampire are considerate as bad in the series, but the human are far worst. Yes he killed Yuu “family” and he did the same with Crowley‘s friend back in the time…a loooong time ago during the crusade. But he didn’t kill Yuu, he didn’t go after him, I mean he is a vampire and Yuu was 12 at the time it would have been easy for a vampire as strong as Ferid to catch Yuu. And the way he treat Crowley prove he is not totally bad, since he doesn’t want to tell him to much about what he is planning, he doesn’t want Crowley to be tortured, therefore I think Ferid care a little bit about people around him.

But even if he seems to care about Crowley who he see more like his friend, Ferid is still a grey character. His goal is not unveil yet and we doesn’t know where he stand. If he is the one who disclosed the information about where was the noble vampires in Nagoya to Guren. I have the feeling he did this to make sure Krul Tepes, the Vampire Queen of Japan) leave the Vampire underground city, but I doubt he was only seeking her power, there is probably something else under that, he use her to set a trap to his “father” the former 2nd Progenitor after all ( Yes I do think he tried to trap him, Rigr/Saito is not stupid after all).

Despite the fact Ferid is a grey character, I have the feeling his goal is not a selfish one, but that it’s just a theory, maybe we will know more about it when he will stop burning on his cross.

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