As seen in the end of chapter 43, Marco wasn’t in really good shape after his fight with Strike but we didn’t knew if he was alive or death, this question got answered in this short chapters of 22 pages.

~ Chapter Summary (Contain Spoilers)

In this chapter, we see Marco and we know the reason why Strike and Beretta are back in town, they were trying get him , Marco/Spas, in the Destroyer team but like Worick said it in this chapter “He won’t return to those guys side ever again” which is truth is love for Connie and her safety is more important than anything thus he will do what ever he can to get her out of there. The chapter end on Loretta calling Gina Paulkee regarding Marco but she is not referring him with that name, instead she called him Spas and tell Gina that he shall be disposed of.

~ My Thoughts

When I read it I didn’t knew what to think about it and frankly, I still doesn’t know what to think about it. However right now my only concern is what will happen to Marco, in the very last volume, he quite the Cristiano family to fight to go fight against the Destroyer. In this chapter, Loretta pretty much strip it from his name which I supposed was given to him by Loretta’s father. Now that he is no part of the Cristiano family, he doesn’t have their protection anymore, that’s probably why Loretta called Gina to let know the head of the Paulkee Guild what was happening. I have the unpleasant feeling that when she tell her “he shall be disposed of” she is meaning you can kill him now. For those you haven’t start reading the spin-off series, Gangsta. Cursed: Marco Adriano EP, you have to know Marco was there in the city 15 years ago when the Destroyer attack. He was part of them and he killed many Twilights, it would be logical for them to seek revenge, but I don’t want that, I really like Marco, he was important for the Cristiano family and I just want him to be happy with Connie.

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