Now that I watched the 1st episode of each series on my watch list, plus 3 more, I think it is time to give you my First Impression about them. At first, I was thinking doing a First Impression post for each series I will watch for this Summer 2017 Season, but I figured it will be much easier doing only one post, plus it will save me some time.


This one wasn’t on my watch list, not even on my radar, but I saw a fellow aniblogger talking about it on Twitter and I decide why not? I can’t still give it a try. It’s an interesting story, the main character his trap in the Dream World, world rule by witches who are in fact young woman who decide to escape the reality, they are afflicted by the “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome”. From what I understand with the 1st, our MC will have to wake them all, with the help of Lily, a young girl all dressed in white with white hair. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about it even the episode started, the design is really simple, the drawing seems kind of flat, but I still decide to watch it until the end and I must say I kind of enjoy it. Now will I watch it until the end, that something else it will really depend of the second and third episode.



When I saw the first PV, I was pretty much sold to it and now that I watch the 1st episode, I can say i totally looking forward to watch this series. It’s an other sport anime, after the baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball and more we have the diving competition. a friend of mine told me after watching the episode she find the character a bit flat, I know what she meant by that and she is kind of right, but I think that feeling came from the fact they are already where they need to be, we didn’t witness their full training to get where they are now and they didn’t really have any challenge, when they are probably plenty competition but we haven,t saw them yet and I know we will see competition since the diving club will try to get their member qualifies for the Olympic. One thing I really enjoy seeing in that episode, and I hope they will keep it like that, it’s the water animation and the water reflection one the characters. It was so beautiful to see.



After reading the synopsis on My Anime List, while browsing the anime series for Summer 2017, this one really catch my attention, it made me really curious and I’m now even more interested now that saw the 1st episode. yes the show is about gambling, but it will heavily be focused on the mind game behind it. The main character Yumeko Jabami gave a strong first impression, she is s compulsive gambler, she love the risk of money and seems pretty much turn on by that. Not only the story is really appealing, the look of it is amazing. The studio producing Kakegurui is MAPPA (Yuri on Ice, Zankyou no Terror) and I have to say they did a great job for this 1st episode. I love the color scheme and the vibes coming from it.


Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu

I watched Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru few months ago and when I knew a new series with our boy sword was coming, but with more action was coming out, I knew I had to watch it. Izuminokami Kanesada is one of the most beautiful creature on earth (Sorry Aomine). I LOVE the fight and the sword movement, plus we finally get to see their Master Saniwa. One thing I hope about this series, is they continue to give me some awesome background music. I ears was really pleased by what they heard. It’s be an interesting change from the Slice of Life/Comedy that was Hanamaru. To those who watched Hanamaru, but wasn’t really fond of it, I will say to give a try to Katsugeki!, more dark, more action more blood.


Clean Freak! Aoyama-Kun

If you were thinking Levi was a freak when it come to cleanliness, wait to meet Aoyama-Kun who is germaphobe, the guy even clean the freak soccer ball after each club activity. But his germaphobie have a bright side since cause of it he try to stay as far as he can be from the team rival, thus they can’t block him or steal the ball. This show reminds me a lot of “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto” with its absurd comedic impossible situation.


Saiyuki Reload Blast

This wasn’t on my initial watch list, mainly cause I wasn’t sure if I had to watch the prequel and other previous series related to it, however after knowing it might not be an obligation, I give it a look and i love it. The blood splat on my screen, I love it effect of it. I was really pleased by those blood splat, plus cute guy fighting demon is always interesting to see.


Vatican Miracle Examiner

When I first saw the PV, I was quite curious about it. In a time where religion is not as strong as it was before, where church are now more visited by tourist than believer, it is nice to see anime series with Catholic priest as main character. The series title say it all, we follow two priest while they are investigating claimed miracle. The 1st case (which is not resolved yet) is about a sister who pretend to be like the Virgin Mary on top of that there is stigmata and a crying statue. Our duo have a lot to investigate for a first episode. One thing I enjoyed is the fact the two priest are quite different in their way of doing their stuff. While Robert Nicolas is old school, with book and paper, Josepf Kou Hiraga use more the technology, science and mathematics. I kind enjoyed this 1st episode, plus Father Robert Nicolas is voiced by Suwabe Junichi, therefore he is a priest with one hell of sexy voice.


Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

This one wasn’t on my list, I didn’t it exist until a friend of mine mention it and I thought I could keep it a try since she told me there was cute guy in it. That Yushi-kun is just adorable, him who didn’t believe in ghost and spirit is well serve now that he leaving with them. I think this will be a nice Slice of Life (even if I’m not normally fond of the genre) series with a bit of mysteries.


This conclude my First Impression for the series I will watch during this Summer 2017 Anime Season. To stay updated about this watch list, keep an eye (or two) on my round-up which are usually published on the Sunday

See you next time

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