What Did I Posted this Week

07/03/17 – Monday in Music – Can See the Light
07/04/17 – [Doujinshi] Ou-Sama O Damaraseru 2-tsu no Kinku word
07/04/17 – [Chapters-by-Chapters] Gangsta. Chapters 44
07/07/17 – Top 5 Orange-Haired (or close too) Anime and Manga Male Characters
07/07/17 – The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 2 (first half)
07/07/17 – The Moon Watching Over the Sun – Part 2 (Second half)
07/08/17 – [First Impression] Summer 2017


What Did I Read this Week

OWLS (Theme Mirror)

[OWLS Blog Tour] Self-image in Fruits Basket by Zoe (Let’s Talk Anime)
OWLS Blog Tour: Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Listen to your body by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

Inside WordPress

First Impression: Kakegurui by Lethargic Rambling
8 “Literary Fun Facts” In Bungo Stray Dogs (Season 1 & 2) by Lyn (Just Somthing About LynLyn)


What did I Watched this Week

Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu episode 2 – Commander

In this episode our sword are trying to reach the castle before the Time Retrograde Army, but they are too late and found most of the people living in the castle killed, however they still managed to kill all the soldier of the Time Retrograde Army. In this episode the sword they also properly introduced the sword, talking about that, I have to say I found funny Horikawa Kunihiro is considered as a rookie in this series, while in Hanamaru he arrived at the citadel before Kanesada, thus he is more knowledgeable about what he is happening. It’s in this episode we know the real target of the Time Retrograde Army, the Dutch Steam Ship. One thing I hope the show present us, his the reason behind the rivalry between Kanesada and Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki. I understand they are total opposite, but i feel there is more than that. I looked at the relation between Hijitaka and Sakamoto, their previous master, but i couldn’t find anything. Maybe it’s not related at all, but I still curious about it. And we can to hear the splendid ending performed by Kalafina.

For more episode impression you gonna have to take a look at my First Impression post for the Summer 2017 anime series I will watch. You can found the post here.


That pretty much it for this week round-up, next round-up (week 42) might get push back and me published with the one after (week 43).I usually write the round-up on the Saturday to be published on the Sunday, but next Saturday I will be away to see family member in Quebec City and Sunday I work, thus i will not be able to work on that. It’s not the first time it’s happening and will not be the last. But don’t worry I will write it!! Talking about the round-up, I change the format a bit, at least for this season. Last season it was easy since I didn’t watch a lot of series, but this season I’m planning to watch a total of eight, which is the double of the Spring season. So, what I’m planning to do is make a separate post for the episode I watch during the week and link it to the round-up. I will most probably feature one of the show on the master post round-up, in fact I will pretty much look like this current round-up.

Have a nice week!!

See you next time

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