Finally I get to talk about Seraph of the End chapter, I could have done chapter 58 but I didn’t have time to do it, thus I decide to wait for chapters 59.

~ Previously

The last chapters was separate in two parts. In the first part, we had Kureto trying to figure out a way to not let Shigama Doji (do not confound with Shikama Douji, Shinoa’s demon) control him. To that he needed to give more power to the demon he originally made a contract with, Rameiki. He achieved with a simple selfish act and stop holding on the power. He knew he can’t direct the Hiiragi family as long as Shigama is trying to possess him so he ask to call Shinya and Guren back to Shibuya in order to take the head of the family. The second part is about Guren who join Yuu and friend to Ferid’s mansion and finally expose is ultimate goal: revive the people whom were killed during the Catastrophe.

~ Chapter summary (contain spoilers)

In chapter 59, it’s all about Guren’s plan. To revive everyone killed during the Catastrophe he need Ferid and Krul, but they are still burning and guarded by the 5th Progenitro Ky Luc. Therefore to rescue them they need to defeat him and to do that Yuu need to control the power of Seraph within him. Of course Mika is not really fond of the idea of letting Guren using Yuu since he doesn’t trust him at all. Guren’s plan have a lot of flaws and it’s not even sure it succeed. The 5th progenitor is far stronger than Crowley and will all know how strong Crowley is.
The chapter’s end on the group attacking Ky Luc.

[There is twenty rank of Progenitor, the strongest being the 1st Progenitor and the weakest the 20th Progenitors. There is only one 1st Progenitor, two 2nd Progenitors, three 3rd Progenitors, etc. The 5th Progenitor was most probably sired by the 1st Progenitor therefore he is quite strong, but not as strong as a 3rd, however the only 3rd Progenitor who could help the group is burning on a cross and it’s Krul Tepes]

~ My Thoughts

Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed thus chapters, mainly cause of all the facial expression Mika (turn into an overprotective mom) had. Now our blond Vampire have a new goal kill Guren.
As I said in the summary, Guren’s plan have a lot of flaws, the more important one is that it might kill even more people. We can’t forget the reason why all those people died was caused by Guren who revived his squad eight years ago. Plus he is planning to only revive the one killed by the Catastrophe, therefore the kids killed by Ferid in the beginning of the series, Yoichi big sister, Narumi’s squad and family (I presumed his family got killed by the Hiiragi but I will not theorize about that here), will not be revived. An other important pointed bring up by Shiona, for one to be revived we need to have access to the body. But apparently is doable and he need Ferid and Krul to do that. He also need Yu but he doesn’t really explain why (Yay! an other question that might only be answered in twenty chapters), I doubt it’s only to rescue Ferid and Krul.
Guren plan is a crazy plan, if anyone other than Guren would try that, they would failed miserably and get killed, but since it’s Guren it might work. The guy is a good tactician, he know what he is doing even if he is not unveiling everything. I really appreciate the fact the mangaka take time to reminds us Guren’s squad have to stay in the dark about the revival plan. If they were to happen they has been revive they would died, thus Guren make sure everything is put away before the woke up.
I‘m really wondering what will happen in the next chapters, will it continue with Yuu’s route or it will switch to Kureto. I have to admit I would rather see what happen with the attack.

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