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Has I explained in the last Top, I realized I completely forgot to include Steven Stone in the Top 5 Blue-Haired, even if I never watch the anime in which he appear, however I steel (see what I did here) really like him in the game, even of he is a real pain to beat. Therefore I decide to fix my forgetfulness by making a list of my favorite Pokemon Male Trainer (or character that appear). As I said I didn’t watch the anime, thus I will base my choice on the game only.

Before starting the list I have to get some honorable mention, the 1st goes to Cheren from the game Black/White. In the first version he serve as rival for our character, but later in Black2/White2, he became the Gym Leader of Asperia City. The 2nd goes to all the Ace Trainer of the game Sun and Moon, they are so adorable.

Look at the precious little face

Now time for the main topic

10th Position

Brawly & Wallace
(Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire)

Yes it’s a tie, I wasn’t able to choose at all between the two of them. I remember the first time I played the game the first time it came out in 2003, I had so much difficulties beating them. Brawly is the gym leader of Dewford and Wallace the leader of Sootopolis, but became the League Champion in Emerald. I had the most difficulties with Brawly who specialties are Fighting Pokemon, it’s the second gym we have to fight and let say I didn’t really have the right pokemon to do it at that time, BUT I learned when the 3DS version, Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire came out.

9th Position

Professor Kukui
(Sun /Moon)

The time pass since Professor Oak, I feel that thy are becoming younger and sexier at each game. Kukui is the Professor of the Alola Region and he will also be one of the challenger for the Pokemon League at the end of the game. I have to say Sun and Moon was probably the easiest from all the game, I don’t remember having big trouble fighting him.

8th Position

(Red/Blue/Green and a lot of other)

Lance is one of the Elite 4 of the Red, Blue, Green, Fire Red and Leaf Green and the Champion of Gold, Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver as you can see Lance appear in two region and each time he is an ass to beat, unless you have Dragon-type or Ice-type Pokemon with you. Lance is a Dragon master and he is really fond of Dragonite.

7th Position


Riley can only be fight at the Battleground after the subquest. He is also one of the trainer whom will join you to beat Team Galactic ass and later will give you an egg with a cute little Riolu inside.

6th Position


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Ah! Seibold, the sexy chief of Pokemon X and Y, he is part of the elite 4 and specialize in Water-type Pokemon. I always enjoyed fighting him in the battle castle mainly cause each he is defeated he said this: “I shall store my memory of you and your Pokémon forever away within my heart.” and it make my heard flutter.

5th Position


Volker is the last gym leader of to fight of the Sinnoh region before going to kick the Elite ass, he is specialize in Electric-Type Pokemon, so make sure to have Ground-Type before trying to get him. The one thing I remember from him is his lack of enthusiasm in Pokemon battle, for him there is not thrill anymore and he is kind of bored. I played that game a while ago, thus I can really remember how I feel while battling him, but one this is sure he is on the handsome side.

4th Position

(Gold/Silver, HeartGold/SoulSilver)

Morty is the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City and is specialize in Ghost-Type Pokemon, if you beat him he will give you the Fog Badge. The main thing I remember from him is the fact that he is probably my first Pokemon Trainer crush. Plus Silver was my second pokemon game, thus I wasn’t really aware of all that weakness shit like I’m today, in other word that clown give me some trouble.

3rd Position


Gladion, Lily big brother, he was part of the Team Skull but only to find out the fuck his mother was doing. During the main story the MC have to battle him a few time and each day I didn’t have much trouble, but I still haven’t face him as contender, however knowing my Pokemon level, I shouldn’t have much trouble wiping his ass.

2nd Position


N, the “Pokemon Whisper”, is a mysterious character, who was raised by Pokemon until Getsis decide to make him the King of Team Plasma (I have not trouble to be his queen).
The player battle him through the game, most of the time before passing to an other “chapters”

1st Position

Steven Stone
(Ruby/Sapphire, Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)

Of course the 1st Position need to be the reason my I made this Top list. After forgetting him for the blue hair days, I felt kind of bad, thus I made this top. Steven is the Champion of the Hoenn region and stone enthusiasm. He love going in cave to discover new rare stone. The Pokemon used by Steven are either Steel-Type, Rock-Type or Ground-Type and can be a real pain if not well prepare.


This was my Top list of favorite male Pokemon trainer. for the next List I think I will go with a White/Silver/Gray hair list.

See you next time

**Disclaimer, I don’t own any of the picture use it this post. All credit goes to the rightful owner.**

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