We are now in the 2nd full week of the Summer season and I’m surprised, there is only one series that will most certainly get dropped despite its interesting premise.

**Attention this post contain SPOILERS **

Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu, episode 3 – Master’s Order

In the last episode, the dutch steamship explode and Mutsunokami helped with Tonbokiri tried to saved as much as people they can even if they risked to change the history. Mutsunokami is the definition of hot-head guy, acting before thinking, acting with is feeling not his reason and is Izuminokami is the opposite, but it’s the latter the captain, thus thing are not always pink between the two.
That being said, when Izuminokami arrived at the attack scene after everything was done, Mutsunokami was a bit bitter and probably said thing he shouldn’t have said, after a little fight Yoshiyuki walked away and Horikawa told Kane-san that he would go talk to him. They can just let Mutsunokami just walk away since the real attack of the Time Retrograde Army haven occurred yet.
While Mutsunokami was helping to rescue the steamship passenger, Izuminokami on his side was looking for information and was doing research with Konnosuke (the cute little fox) help and they discover the Roushi were the one behind the attack of the ship, the Time Retrograde Army is just taking advantage of it.

I really like that episode, it show us the interaction between the sword and how they are loyal to Saniwa. Even if they are not agree with it choice of choosing Izuminokami as captain of the second unit, they still follow his order out of consideration for their Master. It also show an other side of the Time Retrograde Army, they are no just going in different era to disturb the course of history, they are also taking advantage of the current situation of the era. I wonder if we will see who is their chief, cause I doubt those “spirit” are the one deciding where to go and what to do.
I really enjoy the last fight, the fight choreography was well done.


Clean Freak! Aoyama-Kun, episode 2 – Aoyama-Kun, Do You Remember?

This 2nd episode is a 2 part episode and introduced the young lady we saw at the end of the 1st episode. It’s Gotou Moka and she Aoyama-kum since quite a while and is a big fan of him. In the 1st part of the episode Gotou decide to secretly give a hand to Aoyama by cleaning the soccer clubroom for him. She clean everything and the room sparkle, Gotou even fold the boys school uniform. Each time, she also leave a hand craft cat plushie (small or sometimes big enough to fill the locker). Behind that plush there is a cute little story. By leaving a the cat plush in his locker, Gotou hope Aoyama remember her. She keep cleaning the room until Aoyama caught, and the rest of the team, caught her. Then the club captain, Ishikawa, decide to make her the club manager. In the 2nd part, it’s all about how good smell Aoyama’s towel. Everyone wants to smell it, even people from other school. Everyone except Zaizen, until we have to catch before it fall of on the ground cause of a wind blow. He briefly smell it and realize it smell like his mother.

While I got some good laugh while watching the first part, Aoyama and the cat interaction was really cute; the second part had some bland moment but it does show how got Aoyama is when it come to dodge the ones who try to catch him. The one thing I like about that second part was Zaizen nostalgic moment. He might be a rough rich kid who doesn’t see why Aoyama is that popular, but he still have a soft side.

This 2nd episode really settle Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun style. It’s a series you can watch without thinking about anything, it’s really reminds me of “Haven’t You Heard! I’m Sakamoto” it have the same kind of situation. The character might be part of soccer club, but it’s really just to give some situation, the sport is really more in the background here, unlike “Days” or “Captain Tsubasa” where soccer is the main point of the series.


Saiyuki Reload Blast, episode 2 – Cloud Mirror

If you haven’t watched the previous series of Saiyuki, like me, the 2nd episode give you a little bit information about what is happening. Sanzo’s party traveled across India to find some powerful demon who experiment on resurrection most probably to stop her. In this episode Sanzo and friend have to help villager who trade salt. The villager are attacked when they are on the road. We had a look at the antagonist, Lady Gyokumen who was about to sent Kougaiji to retrieve scribble.

I kind of feel all the episode with look kind of the same. The group arrive in a village and they end-up helping them by fighting the demon. They will certainly get closer and closer to Gyokumen and I pretty sure the Demon lady will cause them some difficulties.

Like with the 1st episode, I really enjoy the fight scene in this episode even if they were a bit less intense, we still had some blood splat. I really like the interaction between the member of the Sanzo’s party and how different they are from each other. They all have their personality and their habit.


Elegant Yokai Apartment, episode 2 – The Resident of the Yokai Apartment

This 2nd episode present us the character and more, it explain why this building is so unique for the Yokai and spirit, also why human like Yushi can touch them. Plus in the second half the episode Yushi discover he have a spiritual ability, the Synchronization. Explain simply, he can take on the pain one feel and make it is own. He discover it when a girl from is school club got into an accident and got badly wounded to the leg, right after Akine arrive on the scene and free the pain from Yushi’s body…mind? not sure about that.

I really like to see the way Yushi point of view on the Yokai change. At first he wasn’t sure about staying they, even during this episode, he still repeat to himself he is staying there for only six months. However, in the end of the episode I feel like he is slowly changing his mind about this place. My prediction about the end of the series is that Yushi will stay there even after his dorms is rebuild. In between we will see him dealing is his normal life at school, his new-found abilities and the Yokai/Spirit living in the apartment.


Kakegurui, episode 2

Thanks to Suzui, now we know how work the school gambling rank system and we also know a bit about the school student council composed of fierce gambler.

In this episode, Yumeko once again played some kind of card game called ‘Double Memory’. What I like about the show is the originality of the game, it reminds me of “Death Parade” in that sense, the show bring new game and they explain it really clearly. Yumeko is a high risk gambler, but she is not stupid either, she is a strategic person who is willing to lose just to see the tricks us by her rival. If in the 1st episode, she relied on her luck to win against Saotome, here she totally saw through her Sumeragi.

Now Yumeko made a name for herself as dangerous gambling opponent, the council will come play with her and I seriously can’t wait to see how it will turn.


Dive!!, episode 2 – Concentration Dragon

At the very end of the 1st episode a new coach arrived at the Mizuki Diving Club and talk about participating to the next summer Olympic. In the 2nd episode, we are told that if none of the MDC member make the selection the club will be shut down. Not gonna lie this put a lot of pressure on the boys. I know it’s only the 2nd episode, but I really like that new coach Asaki, she seems really harsh, but she give good advice and she have a good eyes. This episode also introduce a new diver Okitsu Shibuki the grandson of a legendary Japanese diver. Shibuki never dive a pool, he only dive in the ocean (not gonna lie he reminds me of a certain someone who only swim free), at the end of the episode Yoichi challenge him and we get a really nice dive until he touch the water in a big slash…he will have to work other is entry but for the rest I was really impressed.

This episode it really focus on their dry training, more than the diving part I really want to see more dive cause from what I saw far the diving animation is quite good.


18if, episode 2 – Time Stopped At Age 12

I like the premise of the series, really like it. One who can go in dream and interact with other dream (all woman tho) affected by a mysterious syndrome in order to wake them up the idea is interesting. The idea is interesting, and it the only good thing about it, the idea, cause for the rest…I thing the hired 10 years to produced this series.

I like to draw, but I rather coloring line-art, using my creativity to give more life to a drawing I love that, so when I was watching this 2nd episode the artist in me was tortured. But before going into that I will start by talking about the episode.

If you want to see what overkill mean, this episode is the perfect definition of it and thinking the writer decide the killer was three 16 years old is really disturbing, they really over do it. The guys could have kill the family, but it could have been less gruesome and this coming from someone who enjoyed “Attack of Titan” and “Another”. Even the revenge part was a bit too much. Something else that bothered me with this episode was the total lack of conscience of the main character. I get why the Witch of that Dream World wanted to do that,I don’t approve it but I get it, those three jerk killed her whole family after all, however it’s the main character one killed the last guy without even giving a second thought about it. He just killed him like if he was an insect. Pretty sure this could have be avoided.

Now about the visual, if you think “Hand Shaker” (Winter 2017) was bad wait to see 18if visual, Hand Shaker was beautiful compared to it. The whole episode missed something really important which is depth, it’s not because you add shadow here and there it will look less flat. Yes the light play have something to do with, but it’s not only
THAT, that will give the drawing dynamic. I also was to talk about the character expression while I’m there…there is none…false there is but they seems fake, like is the character was really bad actor.

That being said…I doubt I will continue the series, I see no point to torture myself. Like I say the premise is interesting, it’s the whole visual that just look bad in my opinion.


Vatican Miracle Examiner, episode 2 – The Endless Unease of Existence

Fathers Nicolas and Hiraga are still in their investigation of the miracle happening at Saint-Rosario. But now only they have to debunk the miracle but also solve a series of murder. A serial killer is going around killing father and nun.

During this 2nd episode, father Hiraga kid of debunked the miracle of the weeping Virgin Mary, even if his explanation doesn’t really make sense. I still can figure how a man can push a heavy statue and then carry it to a water fountain quite far and then bringing back WITHOUT leaving any trace or damaging the said statue…but YAY he debunked it, I guess that it the only thing matter. During this same episode 3 other people were killed and they witnessed an other miracle. I really wonder if they will manage to debunk this one with all the blood that was floating in the air and with can’t forget the levitation.

Once again a lot of thing happened during the episode, not only a lot happened, but a lot was said too. The series is really heavy in dialogues, in fact I had to watch it twice, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


**** New Entry***

Welcome to the Ballroom, episode 1 – Heat 1

I really wasn’t supposed to watch this series, while I found the visual really good, I wasn’t particularly trill by the dance part, I love figure skating but dance sport competition not so much. However after reading the first impression post of my fellow aniblogger Lethargic Rambling, I decide to give it a try and I really not regret it.

I already knew the visual will be good, but god I love all the details, did you see those incredible eyelashes? It really give a different style to the character design it give them more life/expression which I love.
The series gonna have an interesting distribution, even if I really enjoy seeing Sengoku-san, Fujita is a true cinnamon roll, that kid determination is admirable and his interest in the dance competition are pure. His “teacher” told him to practice those foot step until he tell him to stop and that’s what Fujita did.

If at first I wasn’t sure about the series, now I’m totally looking forward the next episode.


The week was pretty interesting, minus the disappointment I felt toward 18if, looking forward what the 3rd week will offer to me.

What did you watch this week ? Let me know in the comment section below!


credit: http://tsurumaaru.tumblr.com/

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