We are now in the 3rd week of the summer season and I seriously wondering how I will keep it without missing anything. Not that I have a lot of series to watch compare to some other fellow aniblogger, but compared to the Winter and Spring season, I watched more title, plus I then to procrastinate a lot…

This post will contain spoilers, therefore if you haven’t seen the episode you can either stop or continues and spoils yourself…

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life – Episode 3, Kuri and Shiro

It’s not because a series is aim to make people laugh that it will not make you cry. This 3rd episode make me cried more and I first expected. When I saw the preview of this episode last week, I knew it would mainly be about the little boy ghost called Kuri and the white dog, Shiro, whom is always with him. I had the feeling it would be about his past, I knew it might get sad, but I didn’t think it would that tragic.

This episode also show Yushi never really coped with his parent death, he never cried since their death, he don’t understand how a mother can hate her child that much. When the “fight” between akane-san and Kuri mother is over, Yushi get to Akine room and just let all his feeling about his death parent take over. This was really hard for him, him who lost is beloved parent to see a mom trying to hurt her son even in the death.

I like how Yushi slowly get accustomed by the Yokai surrounding him, him who didn’t believe in the spiritual world before, is now living with them and care about them. He will never say it, but he really care about the little Kuri, he want to befriend him.

In next week episode the preview show the six months had pass and Yushi is ready to go to the dorm that as been rebuild, but I feel like he will just stay at the strange apartment. He got involve in a fight with one of his classmate who is also part of a gang. Why, I guess we will discover it next week.


Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun – Episode 3, The Reason Aoyama Isn’t Here

I never though I will get stressed while watching it when there is a match. I was as stressed as when I watched Haikyuu!! or Kuroko no Basuke. I couldn’t help but just scream at my laptop…That is ridiculous for a series that is not mainly focus on a sport.

In the first part of the episode, we see the extremely annoying Takechi Akira from a rival team, flashing is abs every time and everywhere. He still try to get Aoyama to transfer to his school, but Aoyama doesn’t need an idiot like him around him. In the 2nd episode our clean freak get trap by the girlfriend of the team captain of the team Fujimi played against during the inter-preliminary. Fujimi is losing 2 – 0 when Aoyama get freed by Gotou with a baseball bat full of nails and flowers sticker. The rival team want to do anything possible to win, even if it’s implied cheating or get violent, thus the think by covering Aoyama of dirty might do it. Their tactic seems to work, until Fujimi coach yelled the match have only 5 mins left. At that moment Aoyama get serious, if there is one thing he hate more than getting dirty is losing. Now that Aoyama is back to normal, if he is normal to begin with, his team win the game and everyone is happy except the losing team.

While I kind of like the first part, even if Takechi is really REALLy annoying, the second part I wanted to punch that b*tch in the wall. I really like the transition between the chibi version and the normal one and the animation during the game when Aoyama was playing seriously was really pleasant for my eyes.


Saiyuki Reload Blast – Episode 3, Sky Burial

Sanzo party continue their route across Shangri-la. Due the some phenomenon, the land change a lot and the can really refer the to map, thus to make sure to not deviate from their path, Hakkai (pretty sure it’s his idea) made them climb a cliff. On top of it some demon where waiting for them, for one kill them and two get their hand on the script Sanzo carry on his shoulder. Obviously the demon were ignorant and actually thought they had the upper hand. But when you know Goku is a monkey…

Once again, the episode was filled was comedic moment that made me laugh out loud and some good fighting scene. While they doesn’t tell much about their goal of stopping Lady Gyokumen to revive Gyumaoh the Ox-Demon of Houtou castle. I really the interaction between the member of the Sanzo party. Even if Son Goku (not the Saiyan) and Sha Gyojo are always bickering, the latter will still be there to help the little monkey.


Kakegurui – Episode 3, Slit-Eyed Woman

What was bound to happen, happen Yumeko finally lost her first game and is now a house pet, but it doesn’t seem to affect her like it affected Saotome, in fact she even seems to enjoy it – meow.

The one thing I like about Yumeko it her way to always figuring out the trick used by the one she played against. In this case, she was playing against one of the Student council member and she could find out how she was cheating and even explain it clearly. She even find out the Academy had probably even go under some change when the new President of the Student council took the spot.

Yumeko is not even more excited knowing the building got probably renovated to fill the wallet of the Student Council members.


Vatican Miracles Examiner – Episode 3, Secret of the Gods and the Beast of 666

Third episode in the series and I really have the feeling the writers took everything they could find related to the religion to include them in one series….

After the weeping Virgin Mary statue (with a no so convincing explanation), Stigmata and Virgin Birth now we have pedophile Priest. Pedophiles are already disgusting enough, but the thought of a represent of God doing it make me even more sick. But knowing one of the victims of the serial killer was a pedophile and the two other was sleeping together, I can say the killer is attacking sinner. Talking about the killer, I have the feeling it’s Father Thomas, but I can still be wrong. It’s not because he is seen having a conversation with the “demon” (probably Satan judging by the title of the episode) and that demon tell him to get ride of the “Bastard” sent by the Vatican that he is the killer, right before Father Nicolas and Hiraga get attack by a mysterious person wearing a skull mask and a black robe that he is the killer…but you can call it a…hunch.

I enjoy the series so far, my only problem with it they pack the first episodes with a lot of element instead of spreading it through the series and the explanation given doesn’t always make sense (still thinking about the big marble statue drag to the water fountain several feet away from where it was)

This episode finish on a cliff-hanger so of course I’ll looking forward what will happen in the next episode.


Welcome to the Ballroom – Episode 2, Kiyoharu Hyoudou

One think I really enjoy about the series is the detail put into it, the way they did the eyes is amazing. Now regarding the present episode, kind of like it. I was happy to watch a first competition, but I would rather see more of the dance animation than only still frames. As I said I love all the details and the still frame show us that, but it’s a series about dance sport competition and I would thing we will see more dance part animated than only the training.

Like all sport anime, the main lead need a rival, he was introduced in this episode. Kiyoharu Hyoudou dance since he is five and always with Shizuku. If on the dance floor he is stoic, professional and look fabulous outside he give us a complete different vibe, until we saw him training alone. I really like Shizuku explanation about the Shadow since it show how much he care about his partner even if he doesn’t seems to care.

From what I saw of the preview from next episode, Tatara will enter a competition in the Waltz segment and somehow I feel like Sengoku wasn’t aware of that. I can,t wait to see what will happen.


Dive!! – Episdoe 3 – Enter Shibuki

I like how the animation looking really good when come to the diving part but outside of that it look kind of stiff. But hey! I still have my water reflection which is great cause I’m living for that.

In this episode we have an explanation about why Yoichi and his father seems really awkward with each other and I have to say I’m completely understand. Yoichi got a diving accident (hit his head on the platforms) and his father pretty much forced him to come back to the practice even if he was scared. All this for the sake of the club. I think Yoichi still like diving, but he would probably enjoy it more if it was for fun, not to save a club that almost killed him.

One thing I can’t still get it’s how a former diver can have very large breast like that coach have….it’s really a mystery to me.


Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu – Episode 4, What I Want to Protect

OMG if there is one series that excited the most it’s definitely this one. I just love everything about it. I like the story and how it deal with History, I like the design of the character and all the background and the visual and the animation of the fighting sequence.

In this episode the second unit is sent in mission in Edo in 1868, the have to make sure nothing happen during a certain meeting, of course if they are there something will happen. They encounter a new soldier of the Time Retrograde Army an Ootachi, according to Tonbokiri it’s the strongest type even him who is considered really strong can’t fight it alone. The fight between the Ootachi and the second unit is really well choreographed. But the OOtachi is not their only problem a warship is sailing and it’s about to bombarded the meeting location. Yagen, who is on board manage to stop the location of being bombarded but soldiers of the Time Retrograde Army appear.

As I said I like everything about this series, even if it can come predictable. While Yagen try to fight a lot of soldiers Time Retrograde Army, he is about to get killed when Tsumumaru arrive to give him a hand. Of course a new sword need to be introduced at that moment. Tonbokiri and Horikawa are fighting the OOtachi, Izuminokami and Mutsunokami are on their way to help Yagen but would never had made it in time, thus the new sword. Or it,s the oer way around, they wrote it that episode in order the introduce a new sword…it probably make more sense. Anyway with Tsumumaru now with the second unit (pretty sure is part of the first tho) only miss one sword to be introduced as main sword which is Mikazuki Munechika and I have the feeling it gonna be in the next episode and he will give a hand to Tonbokiri and Horikawa to beat the Ootachi.


This is my impression on what I watch this week, it is also the last I will do. It might not look like, but this post is really time-consuming for me. Therefore, what I was planning to do is to pick one episode from the series I watch from the Summer season and feature it in the Round-up.It’s gonna be the episode that was the most interesting in my opinion, I will try to not be biased by always featuring the same series. If I don’t do that I will never be able to have time to write other post. Maybe the post will comeback the next season, it will depend on how many series I will pick for the Fall season.


credit: http://tsurumaaru.tumblr.com/

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