I know I missed a couple of week, keeping up it the series I’m watching this season and writing a few line about it in a post, take more time than I thoughts.
So this week is the anime male character who have white, grey or silver hair and I have to say while have quite a few on my list (pretty sure I missed some or I will regret not adding other like Tsumumaru from Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu), ranking my 10 pick was fairly easy.

But before going on the main topic, I have to give a (or two depend how you see it) honorable mention to Ishiro/Weissman from K-project. The characters don’t have the same hair color but they are the same in the end since Weissman soul is trap in Ishiro’s body thanks to the Colorless King.

Now the important part of this post.

10th Position

Haizaki Shougo
(Kuroko no Basuke)

Haizaki was part of the original Teiko team, but when Kise join during the second years of junior high, Haizaki left the club (Akashi have probably something to do with it). He is one of those character, that I dislike (HATE is really too strong as a word for a case like him), but I kind of like his bad boy side and the way he is taunting the other. I’m now pretty sure Haizaki sole purpose was to be Kise’s rival, both boy play pretty much the same way, but while Kise copy the exact same technique, Haizaki adapt it and make it his own. If it wasn’t of Haizaki, I doubt Kise would have be able to unlock his Perfect Copy.

9th Position

Mayuzumi Chiriro
(Kuroko no Basuke)

We doesn’t see Mayuzumi a lot, he appear only in the last season of the anime and he doesn’t seems to have a lot of talent beside being able to not get noticed on the court like Kuroko. In fact, that’s why he is part of the regular, Akashi wanted to a second version of Kuroko, he thought he could make Mayuzumi better but… nope Mayuzumi, i have the feeling Mayuzumi never really fully understand how to use his lack of presence at his own advantage. He might be a really bland character, empty eyes, no emotion coming through it, however it’s still the guy that talk back to Akashi who was about to lose, he is the one who shook him up enough to make the “original” Akashi take back his place.

8th Position

(Cardcaptor Sakura)

Beautiful Moon guardian, he was created by Clow Reed to protect the card and then use as judge when the time to choose the new master of the Cards will come. Like we could assume, Yue is the perfect opposite of Kerobero the Sun Guardian. If the lion is quite talkative and easily expressed his opinion, Yue is more on the quiet side and is really cold. Even if he really missed is first master, Clow, Yue truly care about his new master Sakura and would do everything he can to protect her, it’s his love for her that allowed him to pass through Ruby Moon to get to the young girl.

7th Position

Tsukishiro Yukito
(Cardcaptor Sakura)

Little snow bunny (ask Kero, not me), Yukito is the human form of Yue. Like Kero, when Yue need to hide his magical presence, his power, he became Yukito, but if Kero always stay the same no matter the form he have (big lion versus, cute little plush) Yue and Yukito doesn’t share the same memory nor thought and that’s why separate them. Yukito and Yue have different personality. Yue is cold and distant, while Yukito have that warm feeling surrounding him, that kind of feeling that will push you to become his friend.

6th Position

Bokuto Kotarou

Can’t believe I forgot that stupid owl twice…one when I was picking the name for the post (yes I actually reading my ranking just for him) and I actutally skipped his position…I wrote the 5th Position before the 6th…that’s probably cause I was thinking too much about him lately, thank to a wonderful fanfic that can me read here (also thank to the wonderful Zel for making me read it). Bokuto is erratic, you can’t never really understand the way he think. I think the only two who can manage him is Kuroo, Nekoma captain and handsome middle block, and Akaashi, the pretty setter of Fukurodani BUT we love him the way he is, he bring some good laugh with is over the top reaction.

5th Position

(Black Butler)

credit: http://watarun.tumblr.com/

The Undertake is a mysterious character, if he appear irrational at first, trading a good laugh for some information, Undertaker is he fact one of the Aristocrat of Evil and a Shinigami. Behind his long grey bang, he hide is mesmerizing Chartreuse eyes. Like all Shinigami, Undertaker also have his tools to collect the soul of the deceased, the original death scythe. It was quite a shock when I saw him in the Luxury Liner Arc (Book of Atlantic), never thought that crazy…undertaker could be that handsome.

4th Position

Viktor Nikiforov
(Yuri on Ice)

I loved Viktor right away, not only cause he is really handsome, sculpted by the god, but also cause even if he have no damn clue about how to coach, he still manage to bring out the best from Yuuri. The Japanese skater might not have won the gold medal (yet) under Viktor coaching, but he find confidence in himself, cause Viktor never stop believing in him.

3rd Position

Makishima Shougo

Makishima is probably the only villain I really like despite loving the protagonist. I agree with Makishima, I’m just not agreeing with the way he choose to make his point. Makishima is not really fond of technology, he rather paper book over e-book and would quote you philosopher all night long if he wasn’t busy finding a new way to mess with Sybil.

2nd Position

Ferid Bathory
(Seraph of the End)

Ferid is one of those character that are hard to get and even after more than 50 manga chapters, I can really tell you what are his plan. But despite being portrayed as a villain (he is a vampire so he most be bad), Ferid is not THAT bad. He did care about some stuff other than drinking blood and that’s why other vampire say he is an eccentric. Ferid care about Crowley more than people might think, he keep the tall vampire in the dark about his goal to avoid him being tortured.

1st Position

Hiiragi Shinya
(Seraph of the End)

I didn’t which one I should choose so you have both sexy and precious Shinya

For some this might not really be a surprised, for the other yes I’m really biased toward Shinya, he is my second favorite character of the series and I grew loving him more after reading the light novel “Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose, Catastrophe at Sixteen“. That guy need to be protected, he is so precious. Shinya was adopted by the Hiiragi family in order to marry the older daughter of the clan, but the bitch gone crazy so now he do what he can to make himself useful to something. The process to get adopted wasn’t an easy one, he had to learn to kill at a really young age. He lost is family and name, but now he don’t even know what will happen to him, he is not even sure if he can still trust the one he use to call his friend.


Sooo this was my top 10 list of my favorite anime male with White, Grey or Silver hair, hope you enjoy it. Is any of your fave made the list? let me know in the comment section below.

For the next top, I have no clue what it will be or when it will be…if you have suggestion let me know, I would be happy to hear you.

See you next time

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime & Manga Male Character with White, Grey or Silver Hair

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Of course Viktor needed to be on that list, I can’t imagine it without him.
      And I will forever have a soft spot for Cardcaptor character, plus Yukito is the kind of character you just want to protect.

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  1. I love undertaker. But I’m kind of surprised Kakashi wasn’t on the list. He is like the first person you think of with gray hair.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lolol to have Kakashi on that list I need to watch Naruto first 😅, I know who he is, but I only saw some of the first episodes of the series. One day I will watch the 300 something (maybe more) episode…one day 😅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg you must watch it. You will see how awesome the series is. Once you start it will capture you and before you know it you will be finished with the series haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. lol it’s on my plan to watch list, I will get to it. Still have to watch SAO II before. You see I put all the anime (not from the current season) I want to watch in a bucket and I draw the next title. But I do only when I’m done with the previous one.

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