Some days ago, I came across a challenge prompt on twitter for the anime series Kuroko no Basuke and since it’s one of me favorite series, I thought I could try to do it.


Day 1 – Favorite Male Character
Day 2 – Favorite Female Character
Day 3 – Least Favorite Male Character
Day 4 – Least Favorite Female Character
Day 5 – Your OTP
Day 6 – Favorite Minor Character
Day 7 – Favorite Opening
Day 8 – Favorite Ending
Day 9 – Favorite Generation of Miracle
Day 10 – Favorite Team
Day 11 – Favorite Uncrowned King
Day 12 – Favorite Coach
Day 13 – Favorite Seirin Player
Day 14 – Favorite Kaijo Player
Day 15 – Favorite Shoutoku Player
Day 16 – Favorite Too Player
Day 17 – Favorite Yosen Player
Day 18 – Favorite Rakuzan Player
Day 19 – Favorite Friendship
Day 20 – Favorite Ability
Day 21 – Favorite School
Day 22 – Favorite Team Uniform
Day 23 – Favorite Match
Day 24 – Least Favorite Match
Day 25 – Something You Wish You Knew More About
Day 26 – Anime or Manga
Day 27 – Funniest Moment
Day 28 – Saddest Moment
Day 29 – Favorite Quote
Day 30 – What Do You Enjoy the Most About the Anime/Manga


Some of the pick/answer will be pretty obvious for those who know me. With the exception of Day 13 to 18, I will try to give only one answer.

I’m gonna start the challenge the 1st of August and try to finish it for the 30th of August. Hopefully my work schedule will allow me to work on that frequently.

See you soon!

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