An other first, now it’s time to Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc to make its entry. Cardcaptor Sakura was the really first manga I start reading (even before Dragon Ball) so I was really excited when they announced a new story/arc for the 20th anniversary.

For those who aren’t read the previous chapters, I strongly recommend you to go read it, however I will still give you a brief summary of the story so far.

The new story began where it was left, Sayoran is back in Japan, after doing what he had to do in China. Sakura is overly happy to have him back finally. Obviously they are going in the same school like Tomoyo and most of Sakura group, only Rika is going to a different school and also Eriol is back in England. Everything seems to go well until the Sakura Card become all transparent. Now it’s the begin of a new adventure, what happen to the Sakura Card and why new card made their apparition?

Along with the new card come a new scepter, which I really like by the way, and a new character. Akiho-chan. She is much similar to Sakrua. Really kindhearted and also always have cute little plush with her around the same size as Kero. I’m pretty sure she have something to do with the Clear Card, but since their magic seems to be different, Sakura doesn’t seems to noticed it. PLUS Eriol AND Sayoran know something about what is happening, but doesn’t tell anything to Sakura…that’s kind of annoyed me.

NOW regarding the present chapter,
The beginning of chapter 13 take of where chapter 12 end. Sakura and Sayoran date ruin by a card, the Spiral Card, thank to the young man, Sakura was able to capture it. Back to her house, the call Tomoyo to tell her everything that had happen. Not long after Akiho arrived at Sakura place. Sakura prepare a delicious diner for the two of them since her father and brother (Toya is hot as always btw) are not home. The girl talk about cooking and Akiho end-up asking Sakura to show her how to cook, of course the Cardcaptor agree to help her friend. The chapter end on Sakura chasing a new card. This one seems to have sleeping proprieties, since Akiho felt asleep not look after the card made its apparition. Sakura is last seen going after the new card with the help of the card Flight. Like the former card (Clow/Sakura card), the new card seems to have their own… entity? soul? Kero pointed out the card Flight seems to like Sakura.

~ My Thought ~

This is really a general thought regarding the manga, CLAMP style didn’t really change, one thing I always enjoyed in the previous series was those flower tram use here and there and CLAMP still use it. As for the story of the present chapter, beside the apparition of the new card nothing big happen, not revelation, not plot twist. This is again really similar to the previous series. The format didn’t change and while some might find it unoriginal compare to some other story release nowadays, I really like the fact CLAMP stick to their style, at least for Sakura.

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