I love listening music, every kind in general. Pop, rock, rap, name it you will certainly be able to find something of the genre on my iPod library. I’m also really fond of Original Soundtrack (OST), usually the one I will enjoy the most are the one performed by an orchestra like Lord of the Ring, Pirate of the Caribbean or Harry Potter. For some reason I always feel like orchestra music give more depth to a scene, but that’s maybe only me.

My love for this kind of OST was fulfilled during the Winter Anime Season 2017 which brought us the anime Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitias. The fantasy series is based on a mobile game. While I enjoyed the series, I absolutely adore the OST that really fit the fantasy genre.

The Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitias OST composed by Kouda Masato, contain 40 songs, however even if the average length of the track is 1:30mins I will not post about each of them. I will share with you my favorite track, tell you what I think about it and might even give you example of where the song is used in the anime. I have to say I was planning to re-watch the series for this post but even if I really like the series and adore the OST, I remembered how annoyed I was by one character so I give up on watching it completely.

I also have to tell you , I’m not a music critique and I can’t name all the instruments, this post have only one goal and is to share with you the song I liked the most from this OST.

Now sit comfortably, put your headphone or earbud and fellow the journey of the Voluntary Army across the continent of Yggdra.


01 – “Light of Haecceitias”

This track is the one of the main theme of the series (do not mix with the opening). I feel it really set the fantasy genre of the anime. The song of a gentle yet mysterious xylophone (at least I think it’s that) added with what sound like a harp join by the acoustic guitar. This mystical intro quickly open on something bigger and more intense. I really like how the string section come in, followed by the french horn (or trombone one day I will know which is it, it can also be both tho). This tack makes be feel the vastness of their world. In the anime its doesn’t really have the same impact than listened alone, but this is the background music we can hear when Yuri is talking to the Black King, we can clearly distinct the western concert flute section.

02 – “Power of Thought, Heart Not Give Up”

This track start strong, I love the brass section on this track it really carry the song until the end. There is other instrument that can be heard like the drum or the string section, but the brass instruments are really more dominant on that track. Alone the song is already great, but when play against the “Black Army” theme (I will talk about the song after) it’s just magical. Both song can be hear when the Voluntary Army and part of the Holy Army fight the black army in a village. “Power of Thought, Heart Not Give Up” begin when Yuri realize Aram will never give up even if the army of the Black King seems stronger.

15 – “Black Army”

Ah the string section in the beginning is just amazing, I just love it. It’s really a dark and heavy theme, dark like the army it presented. You can feel the danger in the track, you can feel how strong the black army is. It’s “Black Army” that can be heard when the soldier of the Black King is attack the first village.

07 – “Boy of the Light”

08 – “Soldier Aram”

I could have taken this two songs separately, but both song are Aram’s theme song. “Boy of the Light” is really on the gentle and soft side. There is a medieval vibe coming from it giving by the acoustic guitar accompanied by the western concert flute.The track also carry a nostalgic feeling. “Soldier Aram”, same theme/melody different instruments, the flutes section were replaced by instrument of the brass section and the acoustic guitar by the drum. This track gives more importance to Aram and really presented him as the new hope , the hope the will freed Yggdra continent from the Black King. As you know I didn’t finish my rewatch of the series before starting this post (maybe I should have) so I can’t tell you when “Soldier Aram” play, but I can tell you when you can hear “Boy of the Light”. This track play when Aram help the old lady with her cart.

13 – “Black King”

14 – “Black Ambition”

Again those two tracks can’t really be taken separately. The songs are really similar, dark and heavy with a choir but “Black Ambition is played with a faster tempo than “Black King”, but I feel the latter is heavy due to the organ that can be heard in the track. One of the two is played when the Black King and Pheona grabbed the Chronicle and tear it apart, but I feel it would be “Black King” due to the tempo of the song.

37 – “Poem of the Truth”

This is song is sang by Musica, the lyric are written on the slate found in the desert. I would really like to provide you the translation, but I looked everywhere and I can’t find it. I was hoping it would be part of the sub, but nope. “Poem of the Truth” is really soothing at some point is sound like a spell. I like how the intro is a cappella and slowly join by the instrumental.

38 – “Melody of the Fight”

This song has the same instrumental introduction than “Power of Thought, Heart Not Give Up”. It the spell they need to lift the dark barrier around the Black Castle and it sang by Musica. Again I wasn’t able to find the translation of the song. I loved “Power of Thought, Heart Not Give Up” and I adore “Melody of the Fight” both have the same intensity. You can feel the hope through it. You doesn’t have to know what the lyric are about to get the song was made to fight the darkness.


I think I don’t have to tell you how much I love that OST, it have all the characteristics of a OST set in a fantasy world. The use of the orchestra instead of the rock band is what won be over. I like rock song, but when come to OST give him track produced by an orchestra and I will be more than happy.

Now this was the nine songs I like the most, but if you get the change to listen to the complete OST DO IT!!

Hope you enjoyed your journey across Yggdra through Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitias OST!!

See you next time

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