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Chapter 60 Summary

As we saw in the previous chapter (59), Guren and friend was ready to launch their attack on Ky Luc the 5th Progenitor in order to rescue Ferid and Krul. The present chapters (60) is divided in two parts. The first one is the plan explanation, Guren revise the plan with the crew making sure everyone know what they have to do with some more information about the 5th Progenitor. In the second part, it’s the fight. They are launching their attack and the chapter end on Yuu in his Seraph form attacking Ky Luc.

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My Thoughts

I think this chapters was really well-balanced between the comedic moment and the action/dramatic one. Even if the first part of the chapter is quite serious, I mean they are attack one of the strongest vampire, the guy is stronger than Ferid and Crowley, the writer still inserted some funny moment in. It was hard to take Guren seriously when he was explaining his plan with toys (Ferid the Clown and Krul the Bunny).
The second part when they attack made me freak out. Like I said Ky is stronger than Crowley, thus when the sexy red-haired vampire attack the 5th Progenitor, the latter just chopped his head. In case you didn’t knew, I LOVE Crowley, he is my favorite character in the series closely followed by the precious Shinya. SOOO when I was the scene where he got his head cut, I freaked out. Now it’s not because he have his head cut off that he is dead. To kill him Ky need to destroy the said head and they don’t show what happen to his head after. I try to zoom in on the panel and I just can’t figure what happened with it. A side of me want him still being alive and the other said thing Crowley death can trigger something in Ferid. Since he is a vampire, the 7th Progenitor is not supposed to feel emotion or wanting anything other than blood, but he is really cunning, while his goal is still unknown, I can say he care about Crowley. Ferid always let him in the dark about his plan, only giving him instruction here and there, like when Crowley had to help Guren to train Yuu on how to learn to control the power of Seraph within him. If he never tell him anything is because he didn’t want him to be tortured. Of course one could argue that is because the 7th Progenitor was afraid Crowley speak under the torture, but we are talking about Crowley here he might get more excited by the action than anything else. An other reason why I think Ferid care about Crolwey it’s because he wanted him to be more like a brother, that’s why when Ferid turned Crowley into a vampire he didn’t used his blood, but the blood of the vampire who sired Ferid, the former 2nd progenitor,Rígr Stafford (Saito). By doing that Ferid assure Crowley a rank similar to his, he never wanted to see Crowley as a servant. Obviously, Ferid will not show how concern he is, but it will surely trigger something in him.

Of course all this is my theory, we will only know what will happen after the fight which I doubt end in the next chapters that will be released…next month. *SIGH* I have at least a month to wait before knowing what happen. I think the fight will probably be spread on a the next chapter (61) and a bit on the other one (62). Then depending how the attack end, either Ferid and Krul will be released or Guren and friend will be capture. I serious hope for the option.

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