Day 17 – Favorite Yosen Player

I didn’t had to really think about which other character I will pick from Yosen High with the Generation of Miracle Murasakibara Atsushi, Himuro Tatsuya, 2nd year and future team captain, might be really intense (some times too much) but he is one of the few people who can get something of the walking trash can that his Murasakibara.

Murasakibara is one of those character that you are not sure if you will like or not. Most of the time he act like a 5 yrs old we a perpetual bored expression. He claim he doesn’t like basketball, he only play cause he is good at it. He is one of the tallest player, 6’10”, but he remains really quick. Despite saying he doesn’t like basketball, he doesn’t like to lose either, so he is see the other team being to stubborn about winning, he will get serious and really scary.

Himuro used to be Kagami bestfriend when both were living in USA, but cause Kagami became better than him and he didn’t want to lose against him again to not lose his status of “Big Bro” he decide to get real intense and see Kagami as a rival. That is probably why he never tell Kagami he was moving in Japan. Tatsuya is usually calm and gentle, but not let you fool by that on the court he is driven by his will to win and can become really arrogant and his jealous of people like Kagami and Murasakibara cause of their talent.

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