Day 30 – What You Enjoyed About the Most about the Anime/Manga

Hmmm there is a lot of think I like about the series, thus is really hard to choose talk about only one thing. First I really enjoyed the animation during the game, it was really well done, I actually felt stressed watching it. Then there is the character, they all bring something to the show, even bench-warmer like Koganei. The series have a lot of character, so being able to give each of them a personality to their own, it’s pretty nice. Of course some stand more than the other, not all the character can be the start of the show.


This is the last day of the challenge, hope you enjoy it, anyway I at a lot of fun doing it while getting distracted by gif and video.

4 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 30 (last day duh)

  1. Congratulations on finishing it! While KNB isn’t my favorite sports anime, I did enjoy it because almost all the characters are loveable that it’s fun to fangirl about them with friends. 😀

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  2. It was fun to follow these posts of yours. I think my favorite thing about the anime was the amazing games combined with all the developed relationships between the characters.

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