[FanFic] Bird of Prey, Chapter 1 (first half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Ushijima x Oikawa
Rating: Explicit


Not long after enrolling in University, Oikawa is trap in an abusive relationship with Ushijima, the former ace and captain of Shiratorizawa control everything Oikawa is doing. Will the former captain of Aoba Johsai be able to the get out from that unhealthy relation without losing his life?


As state in the summary, this fan fiction his about a possessive/abusive relationship between Ushijima and Oikawa. In this story, you will have scene of violence, physical and psychological, this also include rape scene. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this kind of story, I would suggest you to not go any further.


First the punch then the scream, Oikawa fell on the floor of the apartment, he tasted iron on his lower lips, it was bleeding. The man in front of him was yelling:


Oikawa looked at him, his head was hurting. He was sitting on the floor, the man was on his feet looking down on him, with dagger in the eyes, if you could have killed him, he would have done it. In fact Oiwaka was certain the man would kill him one day.

The man crouch, get closer to Oikawa ear “Don’t make me repeat myself, Oikawa, you. are. mine and only mine get that it your head” he whispered, grabbing the brunette’s wrist and pulling him to the bedroom.

The man pushed him on the bed before getting on top of him:

“If you don’t want to see me ripped off your clothes, you better removed them yourself” he said with a menacing voice.

Oikawa didn’t talk back and just undress. He try to keep his head high, he didn’t want to show to the man he was afraid. The man will get turn on by that, he will get power from his fear and be even more brutal with him. Oikawa didn’t want that, he knew what was coming, yet he wasn’t even sure if he would still be alive the next morning.

Once he was naked, the man forced him back to the bed and didn’t even took the time to prepare him, he just forced his cock inside Oikawa. The latter let out a painful scream. The man grabbed him by the hair and pull back:

“See you are mine and only mine, better not look at anyone else than me again” he said before letting Oikawa’s hair go.

When he woke-up, the young man didn’t remembered much from the night before, he recalled passing out after the second round. He was now setting on the edge of the bed with the man sleeping next to him. His hips were hurting, he didn’t know what to do anymore and didn’t knew how he got to that point. He felt dirty and lost. He wanted to call his best friend, to hear him say that everything will be alright, they gonna found something soon, a way to get him out of his hell.

“No…I can’t call Iwa-chan now, they assured me they will find something, I just have to hung on that. If only I had listened to them, they warned me the guy was dangerous, but I didn’t listen to them…how the hell did I messed up so bad in a few month?” he asked to himself. “Those University years was supposed to be fun”.

But those past month was not fun at all and Oikawa began to doubt he will get out of this mess alive.

*** A few months earlier***

“Oh! Oikawa-kun, is that you?” asked a pretty girl in the hallway of the university.

Oikawa Tooru just graduated from Aoba Johsai High, he last year of high school was one of the most interesting even if his team didn’t won against Karasuno during the Miyagi Tournament, he got to tease his former kouhai, from the time he was in junior high, a bit more. Now he was in university alone. Alone, the young man couldn’t believe it, his childhood and best friend Iwaizumi Hajime wasn’t with him for the first time in years. Both had actually planned to enroll to the same university, both Iwa-chan father suddenly fell sick and he couldn’t work anymore, thus to help his parent, after graduating, Iwaizumi found a little job in a sport shop. It didn’t paid much, but it was enough to help his parent. Even if he was sad to not have his best friend with him, Oikawa was understanding and promise to help if Hajime needed anything.

The first weeks of university was kind of dull, he didn’t have any friend with whom we could talk. He couldn’t wait to see the activities of the volleyball club of his university starting. At least he will be among people who share some interest as him. The first week passed and come the second week. Oikawa was now getting use to the university, he didn’t get lost anymore and more girl was stopping to look at him. This was nothing new for him, since he had his own fan club in high school.

He met with people who used to go to Seijo too and by the end of the second week he finally noticed the presence of Sawamura Daichi, Karasuno former captain, in one of his class.

“Yo!” shout Oikawa to Daichi who was walking away after the classes.

Sawamura turn his head to see who was calling who and saw Oikawa who was waving at him

“Grand..Oikawa-kun!!” shouted back Daichi walking toward Tooru.

“So you are coming here too? “ asked Oikawa.

“Yes, I didn’t wanted to get to far from my family” answered Karasuno’s former captain.

“And Mr.Refreshing ?” inquired Seijo’s former captain.

“Mr. Refresh…Oh Suga!! He is in Tokyo” replied Daichi.

“So your buddy didn’t tag along too” said Oikawa looking at the people passing by.

“Iwaizumi is not here with you” asked Sawamura surprise the two wasn’t together.

“Nope, he had to find a job to help his parent” answered Tooru.

“Oh I see, maybe we can tag along then” replied Daich with a smile.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea” said Oikawa.

The two young men walked away without noticing someone was watching them the whole time. The young man, well fitted, was leaning against the wall, devouring Oikawa with his eyes.

“One day you will be mine” he mumbled to himself before walking in the opposite direction.

The day the university volleyball club opening came and Oikawa and Daichi brought their registration form. There was a lot of people in the gym chatting together. A whistle sound was heard everyone was now quiet and was listening to the head coach who was explaining how to will proceed to the selection of the newcomer. Oikawa and Daichi did a lot serve, receive, block they had to show what they could do. Both felt like they were back in junior or high school.

During the process of selection, the pair haven’t fail to notice that someone was hitting the ball stronger than everyone one. It was a lefty, it was an eagle, it was Ushijima Wakatoshi from Shiratorizawa Academy. The academy was a powerhouse when it came to volleyball, but despite that they still lose to Karasuno.

After the selection practice was over, Oikawa and Sawamura walked back together to their bus stop. They were walking and talking, talking about their time in high school, wondering if they will be pick for the team or not.

They were getting out of the school ground when they heard footsteps behind them. Daichi turn his head to see who was coming and saw Ushijima approaching them. Once he was next to them, Daichi salute him, but the former ace of Shiratoriwa completely ignore him and focus his attention or Oikawa:

“Finally you got some sense and enroll in a decent institution” said Ushijima who was still only looking at Oikawa.

“Haha, Seijo always had a decent team” replied Tooru.

“Anyway I can’t wait to hit your ball during the practice” said Wakatoshi walking away still ignoring Daichi who was next to him.

The duo looked at him going away and then looked at each other:

“You think he is still upset about the fact some vulgar crows beat the majestic eagle” asked Daichi with a smile.

Oikawa could hold back his laugh “Probably” he simply answered before continuing walking to their bus stop.

The next day the name of the one who was picked for the volleyball club Oikawa and Daichi were chosen and Ushijima obviously. None of them was in the main team, but they all three have the possibility to get there by proving what they could do.

They had to be in team of three for the practice, Oikawa, Sawamura and Ushijima team up together or more like Ushijima team up with Oikawa, but had to accept Sawamura presence since Tooru team up with him. The former setter of Seijo was tossing the ball to Ushijima while Daichi try his best to receive the powerful spike of the former ace of Shiratorizawa. Even if they were part of the same team. Wakatoshi was still ignoring the former captain of Karasuno. While Daichi didn’t really care, Oikawa was complaining about it when they was alone without him.

The next few days of practice all looked alike, Daichi was ignored by Ushijima and Oikawa complained about it on their way home. He didn’t understand why Daichi was letting him doing that. They were a team, they had to trust each other, but Daichi knew it would never happen, even if Karasuno had beaten Shiratorizawa, Ushijima was still looking down on him. That’s why he didn’t care to be ignored. Some would have made everything to dare the former captain of Shiratoriwa, not Sawamura, he knew what he was capable of and the only thing that mattered was the coach see that.

After the third weeks, Ushijima began to walk with them, Oikawa walking in the middle. While Daichi and Tooru was chatting about their class and the practice, Wakatoshi remains silent for the most part, sliding some words once in a while to Oikawa but nothing much than that.

In the beginning of the fourth weeks, Daichi and Ushijima had to wait for Oikawa together. The latter had forgotten something in his last classroom and he ran to get it. While they was waiting, an awkward silence could be sense. None of the two wanted to talk to the other. However, after a few minutes of waiting, Ushijima look at Daichi in the eyes and told him that he should quit the volleyball club, it could soon become dangerous for him if he continued to hang around Oikawa. Daichi asked him if it was a threat, Wakatoshi answer him it was just a mere friendly warning. Sawamura was about to replied something when Oikawa came running toward them, saying he was sorry to keep them waiting.The former captain of Karasuno told him to not worry about it with a smile.

The next day, Sawamura came first in the gym, he was followed by Ushijima, they were alone together, even the senior hasn’t arrived yet.

They practiced their serve on their own side, away from each other. Daichi was about to serve his ball when he felt Wakatoshi ball coming in his direction. Sawamura barely had the time to move away before the ball hit the floor with a bang and then flew high in the gym

“HEY!!! BE CAREFUL” Yelled Daichi still surprise by the hit

“Sorry” replied Ushijima with not even an ounce of sincerity in the voice.

Daichi looked at him and he knew the former captain of Shiratorizawa had hit the ball in his direction on purpose. The guy use to be the Ace of a powerhouse volleyball club, it couldn’t be a mistake, Sawamura knew it he also knew the so-called friendly warning of yesterday was a threat. Daichi decide he should keep an eye on Wakatoshi behavior, afraid something might happen to Oikawa if he wasn’t around. The one who used to be the captain of Aoba Johsai started to be more friendly toward Wakatoshi and Daichi was worried Ushijima take advantage of that.

Before the other started to arrive, Ushijima had already send two other powerful serve in Daichi direction, each time he was apologizing without conviction before going back to his normal serve. Daichi start to wonder if he was doing that only to scare him or if he really wanted to hurt him. He knew he could let his guard down around the prideful eagle, the bird of prey could attack him anytime and Daichi was now lonely crow.

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