[Fanfic] Bird of Prey, Chapter 1 (second half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Ushijima x Oikawa
Rating: Explicit


Not long after enrolling in University, Oikawa is trap in an abusive relationship with Ushijima, the former ace and captain of Shiratorizawa control everything Oikawa is doing. Will the former captain of Aoba Johsai be able to the get out from that unhealthy relation without losing his life?



As state in the summary, this fan fiction his about a possessive/abusive relationship between Ushijima and Oikawa. In this story, you will have scene of violence, physical and psychological, this also include rape scene. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this kind of story, I would suggest you to not go any further.


The next day, Tooru had to leave the practice earlier, he had received a call from Iwaizumi and he needed to go see he as soon as possible. Daichi asked him if everything was okay before he leave, Oikawa told him he will called him later to let him know what happen.

Most of the volleyball club member had already left, Daichi decide to stay behind and hit some more ball, he wasn’t able to practice like he wanted earlier. Now that he was alone he didn’t have to care about getting it by some random ball coming full speed at him.

One ball, two balls, three balls, each of them hit the bottles, Daichi was satisfied by his serve, every of them was hitting the target. He was about to pick up the ball what was on the floor on the other side of the court and he heard noises behind him. He felt someone pushing him on the ground and then picked him by the collar of his shirt, it was Ushijima and he wasn’t happy

“Listen stupid crow, stay away from Oikawa, I will not repeat myself” said Wakatoshi with a menacing tone

“Oikawa can be friend with you he want, you can’t control him” replied Daichi pushing Ushijima away.

Ushijima looked at him and smirk “ We will see that” he said before walking away.

Daichi was still shock, he sensed Oikawa was in danger if he was staying around Wakatoshi. Sawamura knew he had to warn him, but he didn’t knew how to do that. Lately the former captain of Shiratorizawa as never really far from Tooru, following him like a shadow. He thought he could text him and tell him they have to meet. Daichi didn’t want to explain the situation through the phone, he wanted to explain to him face to face and make sure the former setter of Seijo was understanding what was happening.

Once he was home, the first thing he did was to text Oikawa but didn’t had any replied before the next morning. Tooru told him he was sorry to not get back to him earlier. He explain him, Iwaizumi’s father was rushed to the hospital and his future wasn’t bright. They didn’t even knew if he would make it through the week. Now the only thing he could do it’s pray that he get better. He then proceed to ask what Daichi wanted to talk about, it seems to be important. Sawamura replied to not worried about it, it wasn’t important enough to pull him away from his best friend side while the latter needed him. Before hanging up, Tooru told him that he will see him later at school, he needed to sleep. Both of them hang up and Daichi finished preparing himself before leaving for the university.

Him and Oikawa meet up for their class and eat together, Ushijima joined them, sitting between Daichi and Tooru. Wakatoshi was taking so much room on the table, Daichi had to pack his thing to eat somewhere else. When Oikawa asked him where he was going, he just replied he needed to see a teacher and they will see each other at the practice. Tooru watched his friend walking away wondering if there was something wrong with him.

Like he said, Daichi meet up with Oikawa at the volleyball practice, Ushijima was already there, not to far from Tooru, watching Sawamura’s action,, waiting the good moment to send him a ball he couldn’t return. Now that he knew Wakatoshi was always planning to hurt him with a spike or a serve, Daichi was more careful, he already lost tooth during a practice and he didn’t want to lose anything else.

Once again, they were practicing, toss and receive and once again Wakatoshi was the one hitting the toss set by Oikawa. The first balls was okay, Daichi didn’t had any problem to receive them. He wasn’t was good as The Guardian Deity of Karasuno, but he was good enough to receive steadily the spike of the former ace of Shiratorizawa. Sawamura was getting confident, even if he knew he couldn’t trust Ushijima. He knew it, however despite that he didn’t saw the ball coming at him full throttle.

He first felt the ball hitting his face, then the cracking sound resonating in his skull and the scream. The gym start to turn around him, he was dizzy, his head was hurting he was tasting the blood in his mouth. He looked around him, only shock couldn’t be read on the face of everyone around him, everyone except Wakatoshi who seems satisfied by his hit. Sawamura vision became blurry, but not enough to not notice the coach running toward him. The gym was still spinning, his head was hurting as hell and he wanted to throw up all the blood he was swallowing, after that he didn’t remembered anything.

Daichi woke-up the next day in a hospital bed. He head was still hurting but not as much as the day before, now it was mostly is nose and his neck. He tried to turn his head but each movement was pulling on a nerve he didn’t knew it exist until then. He tried to looked at his nose, but it was covered with bandage. Not long after he awaken, the nurse and doctor came to check up on him. They explain the ball hit broken his nose and tensed some muscle in his neck. The doctor told him he might need a surgery to align his nose, but he should talk with his parent first. Before leaving, the doctor told him that he might not be able to play volleyball for a while and that he should be released from the hospital in the afternoon. Daichi looked at him and replied that he didn’t had any plan to go back on a volleyball court even when he will be able to do it. Volleyball was a dangerous sport not worth enough to risk his life to it.

Not long after the visit from the doctor, his parent came to seem him. Daichi repeat to them everything the doctor told him. In the same moment Oikawa came in the room accompanied by Iwaizumi, his father was in the same hospital and when Tooru told him about Daichi he decide to pay him a visit. His father was stable and his mother was on her husband side.

Once the two formers rivals were in the room, Daichi’s parent told him they will go talk to the doctor. Daichi question Oikawa about what happened after he collapsed, the latter told him the coach had call the 119 soon as he saw the amount of blood, Daichi was losing, no one was allowed to get near him since he needed air. Being the talkative one, Oikawa left to get some drink, he was thirsty and he propose to bring something to the two other. Iwaizumi asked for an ice tea and Daichi decline since he could only drink with a straw for now.

Once Tooru at left the room, Hajime looked at Sawamura and ask him if he knew what really happened. Oikawa had told him it was a mistake from Ushijima, but the former ace of Seijo wasn’t to sure about that.

“What make you think of that” asked Daichi looking at his hand.

“He came to me at work with a suggestion, but I have the feeling it was more a threat” replied Iwaizumi.

“Let me guess, he told you to stop hanging around Oikawa?” inquire Sawamura.

“Pretty close to that, he told be to stop calling him during the practice” answered Hajime.

“He did the same thing to me, but I didn’t listen and now I’m sitting in a hospital bed with a broken nose” trailed off Daichi.

“Did you talk to Shittykawa?” asked Hajime.

“I wanted to do it the day your dad was rush to the hospital, but when he told me what was happening, I pushed that away” replied Daichi looking buy the window.

“What are you planning to do now ?” asked Iwaizumi.

Daichi sigh “Even if I doesn’t want that, I will drop from the club, if I go back there, who knows what else he gonna try. I really want to keep on eye on him, for Oikawa safety since that idiot didn’t seems to noticed what his happening, but my own safety is important too. I have a class with Oikawa, I should be able to see if there is any change in his behavior if that asshole try to do anything”.

Iwaizumi looked at the former captain of Karasuno High, he knew how hard that decision was hard to made, he had to take it himself a few months ago, however he was right, despite the fact he was worried for Oikawa, the shouldn’t put the safety of that moron before his own, it will do nothing good.

Right before Iwaizumi agreed with Daichi decision to drop from the volleyball club, Oikawa came back whining about the fact he had to do two convenience store before being about to find the ice tea Iwa-chan liked.

“You should be grateful, I’m doing that for you Iwa-chan” he said with a pout

“Trashykawa, you are so annoying, can you tuning down, you are in a hospital” he said to the young man who was more acting like a five years old.

“Allllright Iwa-chan” replied Oikawa taking a sip of his drink.

Daichi was watching them bickering like an old couple and suddenly missed his best friend. Suga was in Tokyo, five hours away by car, three by train. There were in the same country yet so far from each other. He wanted to talk to him about what was happening, he wanted some advise. He was worry about Tooru, but he didn’t want to make thing worst for himself. The only thing he was sure, is that he will quit the club.

“Oikawa…” said Daichi while the two friends was still arguing

“Yes Sawamura” replied Tooru.

“I’m sorry…I will not be able to be part of the club anymore” said Daichi looking at his hand.

“Oh…It’s okay, I figure you will quit after what happened” replied Tooru “Don’t worry about that, we will see each other in classes anyway, right?”

“Yes…we will” answered Daichi .

The time for Oikawa and Iwaizumi to leave came and Daichi parent arrived shortly after. He was released from the hospital, he could go back home. Now that he was back to his room and waited with apprehension the next day hoping to not cross the path of Ushijima. He didn’t want to see him, he didn’t want to meet him in the hallway of the university. He knew he wouldn’t be able to watch over Oikawa as much as he wanted, they will not go back home together, Wakatoshi was pretty more free to do anything we wanted now with Tooru. Sawamura fell asleep thinking about what will happen next. He had nightmare of the incident, he was seeing Wakatoshi smiling. Daichi couldn’t really do anything anymore to protect Oikawa and he felt some guilt about that. The only thing he could to is to hope it will not turn for the worst for the former captain of Seijo.

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