Kagari Shuusei is a fictional character from the anime and manga series Psycho-Pass, he was an enforcer working with the Division 1, he normally work under before being killed by chief Kasei (control by Kozaburo Toma at the time)

I have to admit, I was sure I already made a post about him, but after updating the Anime Crush Directory I realized I haven’t so here that post.

As I said in the introduction, Kagari was enforcer with the Division 1 of the Public Safety Bureau, he was the jokester, he like having fun and could be see often with portable game console and candies. However behind that smile and happy attitude, hide a more bitter personality.

“Don’t make me laugh. Both you and I are trash who simply envy the happiness others have.”

Even if my favorite male character of the series is Kougami, I always have a soft spot for Kagari, from all the enforcer of the Division 1, he is the one who was treated the most unfairly, he is the only one who never had the choice to do something else with his live, being an enforcer is probably the closest he can be from having liberty. Kougami, Masaoka and Kunizuka all have the choice to clear their hue which they didn’t do. Shuusei was flagged latent criminal at 5 yrs old, someone really have to explain me how Sybil managed to find a toddler might become dangerous if let free, when the said toddler can probably even tied his shoes alone yet. Not only he was flagged at an unreasonable young age, but the System judge there was zero chance of rehabilitation, thus Kagari never got the chance to prove the system might be wrong. The reaction he had when Akane told him all the choice she have when come to choose her career but didn’t knew what to choose is completely understandable. All those choice Akane had, Kagari never it.

I might sound like I pity him, but it’s really not the case, despite never having the chance to make something else of his life, Kagari still take his job seriously, that’s why he didn’t get along with Choe Gu-Sung speech. Kagari might despite the Sybil Systems, because it’s the system that blocked him to be free. He knew no matter what happen, thing will never change, thus he decide to enjoy his life the best way he could and that why I like him. He knew he only had two choices in front of him, stay locked in the rehabilitation center, without any window on the outside world or working for the system who cause his fall and enjoy some kind of freedom.

I really like Kagari, he made me smile and laugh and his death made me cry, I saw a lot of character dying and I must say I will never understand why the System thought he had to be killed, what made Sybil thing Kagari would talk? He was jealous of others happiness, yes but he wasn’t stupid enough the screw-up and lose that kind of freedom he had by being en enforcer. He wasn’t killed the normal way, Kasei/Kozaburo use the “Destroy Decomposer”, Sybil really wanted to be sure Kagari’s death was never found, that’s why he is label as “missing”.

I also torture myself my posting this one

Each time I see him appear on my screen, it can be Twitter or Tumblr, my heart hurt a little, I really missed him and will forever hate the Sybil System for the way it treated Kagari.

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