I was really wondering what I could be talking for that first post of the K-Friday segment, since BTS just had their come back, I could have talk about them, but I figure it would be more logical if I was writing a post about my favorite boy group. The one group that I’m ALWAYS looking forward when they are announcing a comeback, SHINHWA.

I came really late into the SHINHWA fandom, the SHINHWA Changjo (the fanclub name and  orange is their color). Not cause I wasn’t interested in them before it’s just that when I fell in to the kpop pit of hell SHINHWA wasn’t around busy fulfilling their mandatory military service. But before getting to that, I will give you a short introduction about the group.

from left to right: Eric Mun, Andy Lee, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Junjin, Shin Hyesung

SHINHWA is a six-members boy group (Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Junjin and Andy Lee) whom debut in 1998 which make them the longest running idol group. At the time of their debut, they where sign under one of the big 3 label, SM. Entertainment. During their time with SM Entertainment, the group released six full-length album, Resolver (1998 debut album), T.O.P (1999), Only One (2000), Hey! Come On (2001), Perfect Man (2002) and Wedding (2002). When their contract with the big agency came to a term, SM offered a second contract but without member Kim Dongwan, the other couldn’t accept that, thus they left the agency. Some of you might found it stupid, why leaving a big agency only cause one member haven’t a new contract with the said agency, simple 6-1 doesn’t equal 5 but 0 (6 – 1 = 0) the group is not really the group if the six member aren’t there.

Leaving SM was hard,even if the group was sign under a different label, Good Entertainment, the couldn’t use their group name, since their former agency had a hold on it. After fighting in court, the member win the right to use their name again and release three full-length album, Brand New (2004), State of the Art (2006) and Volume 9 (2008) with four special winter albums and a Japanese album. In 2008 the group announced a four years hiatus to let the member to enlist and fulfill their mandatory military service, SHINHWA could have end there, but the member promise to their fan to come back to them after being all discharged. Which they did in 2012 with their 10th full-length album, The Return and their own agency, SHINHWA COMPANY

Since their big come back in 2012, the group release four more album, The Retrun (2012), The Classic (2013), We (2015) and Unchanging Touch (2017) which give a total of thirteen full-length album without counting the special winter edition, Japanese album, mini-album, single and all the solo album release by the member. In 1998 when Lee Seo Man give them the name of SHINHWA, I doubt he knew they would really became a Legend (Shinhwa / 신화 is the Korean word for myth or legend)

For more information about the group click here


As I said, I dive into the SHINHWA fanclub late, it was after their 2012 come back, I decide to give a look to their variety television show, SHINHWA Broadcast, which aired on jTBC between March 2012 and January 2014. I fell for those man, not only they were hilarious (they still are btw) but they were really likable. Through the variety show you could see their strong bond, one could argue it’s all scripted, but knowing their background story, I can say that is not the case.

If you read this far, you already know SHINHWA released a lot of album (13) with an average of ten track per song which make 130 songs. That a lot and obviously I can’t post all the 130 tracks here so I will only give you my three favorite songs, saving a top 10 list for later.

First the song that introduce me to the group, “Venus”, release in 2012 on The Return.

Then the song that blow away a lot of people since only SHINHWA can pull off the vogue dance like this. A lot of other k-group try but fail (bieng biased here sorry), “This Love” release on The Classic in 2013

Some of you might recognize the dance since it’s the song/choreography used for this Shingeki no Kyojin video

Lastly, one of my top song, “Brand New” released in 2004 on the album of the same name.

Click here for the original music video


SHINHWA is truly a legendary group, a model for the younger generation who cover the song of their senior more than once. Of course they are not pure white, put despite the difference they always stick together and I wish it continue like that.

I hope you enjoy that first post, let me know what you think in the comment box below.

See you next time!!

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