I came across that challenge on Tumblr and after doing the Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge in August, I thought I could give a try to make that Haikyuu one.

Also make sure to pay a visit to my friend, the lovely Naja from Nice Job Breaking It, Hero who did the challenge during the month of September.

Day 1 – Favorite Character
Day 2 – Character You First Felt in Love With
Day 3 – Character You Gradually Warmed Up to
Day 4 – Favorite NON-Karasuno Character
Day 5 – Favorite Team
Day 6 – Favorite Volleyball Position
Day 7 – Favorite Wing-Spiker
Day 8 – Favorite Middle Blocker
Day 9 – Favorite Setter
Day 10 – Favorite Libero
Day 11 – Favorite Team Captain
Day 12 – Favorite Manager
Day 13 – Favorite Non Player Character
Day 14 – Favorite Friendship
Day 15 – Favorite Animal Representation
Day 16 – Favorite Uniform
Day 17 – Favorite Character Design
Day 18 – Favorite Opening / Ending -> I know the original list doesn’t have the ending, but I feel like adding it
Day 19 – Character Who You Relate the Most To
Day 20 – Character Who Touched You the Most
Day 21 – Character Who Underwent the Most Development
Day 22 – Character Who You Want to be Friend With
Day 23 – Character Who You Think is the Most Underrated
Day 24 – Favorite Team Cheer
Day 25 – Scene That Hurt You the Most
Day 26 – Scene You Enjoyed the Most
Day 27 – Favorite Quote
Day 28 – Which Position You Would Play?
Day 29 – Which Character You Would Choose to Play on Your Team?
Day 30 – Why Do You Love Haikyuu!!


Writing this list and I already know it will be a bit harder than the KnB challenge, also my answer might be more diverse than in the KnB one…Aomine is not in that series XD

Hope you will enjoy it, feel free to do it in the same time of me or simply post your choice in the comment section

Oh before I forget this challenge will start on the 1st of October!!

See you next time

3 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! 30 Days Challenge

  1. Hmmm thinking of doing this… I think I will get in to this one if I have the time. And it’s funny coz Aomine was also one of my fave charac in Kuroko! 🙂

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