Day 1 – Favorite Character

For some reason, I tend to like the misunderstood character and Kageyama is one of them. To tell you the truth, the main reason why I watched Haikyuu!! was because of him. After seeing a lot of gif on Tumblr, I got really curious about the anime he was coming from and I got hook, not cause of him, but also because of the other character. However, Kageyama remains my favorite. He grew so much since the beginning of the 1st season. That awkward little crow who learn to trust the other, to rely more on his teammate.

Kageyama is so clueless about socialization, it make him so precious, all through the series he try his best to show his appreciation toward his teammate, even if he end-up looking awkward or struggling with is word.

When the series begin, Kageyama strongly (wrongly) believe he had the most important position on the court until a certain someone tell him that the one who is important his Hinata, since that moment Kageyama tried his best to toss him the perfect ball.

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