The anime and manga world is really an interesting one, you can found all kind of characters, these different characters can be divide in different categories no matter the purpose of the character in the series, protagonist, antagonist and even the supporting character. This can also be applied to the megane aka the beautiful creature wearing glasses. In this post written especially for the Megane Day (10/01), I will list some kind of megane you can find in anime and manga series.

First we have the obvious one, the one that wear glasses cause they can see shit without them. Tsukishime Kei for the series Haikyuu!! is one of them, he need is glasses in his everyday life, unless he decide to wear contact, he can’t do lot of this without them, that one of the reason his brother Akiteru bought him sport glasses with prescription, at least with those he will not fear to break his everyday pair.
In that category, we also have Midorima Shintarou from Kuroko no Basuke and Ryugazaki Rei from Free!

There is character who wear glasses to hide behind them, it’s the case of Ginoza Nobuchika from Psycho-Pass, who wear his glasses to hide his eyes. Ginoza have his father’s eyes and both doesn’t have a good relationship. Masaoka Tomomi, Ginoza’s father, became a latent criminal no long after the implementation of Sybil and Ginoza felt betray and ashamed by that, plus he fear to become like his father, all reason to hide his eyes behind those spectacles.
In that category, we also have Edogawa Conan from Detective Conan

While some character will hide their identity or some physical trait behind their glasses, for some other it have other purpose than see clearly like Claes from Gunslinger Girl. Claes is one of the child cyborg used by the Italian government to fight various terrorism group. Since she is a cyborg, Claes doesn’t need glasses, so why she is wearing them? It’s because of the promises she made to her late handler. He made her promise, when she is wearing her glasses, she need to be a good girl, not be the powerful weapon she supposed to be, thus Claes only remove her glasses when she is on the field which doesn’t happen often.
Another character whom glasses serve under purpose than only see clearly or hiding is Murasaki from Hamatora.

The last megane character I want to talk about are character whom glasses just as fashion accessory, those character doesn’t wear them cause they doesn’t see well, wear them to hide something nor for any other purpose than look more handsome, like Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu!!. He doesn’t need glasses, at least it’s not mention in the series, he doesn’t have to hide behind them to hide something, it’s just a fashion accessory like a necklace or a bracelet.

This was my post for the Megane day, hope you enjoyed your read.
If you have any other type in mind feel free to leave in the comment below !

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