Day 4 – Favorite Non-Karasuno Character

Haikyuu!! have a lot of interesting character and each have their own strength and appeal, so I really have to think hard about it. I have to pick the character that to me stand the most among the other team, but I also didn’t want to pick someone who I already choose (at least for this day).

So I decide to go with the captain of Aoba Johsai, Oikawa Tooru.

We can say the brunette have a horrible personality, but mostly when he is around his former junior Kageyama. We can certainly feel some kind of jealousy directed toward the black-haired setter. However, even if Kageyama is my favorite character, I have to say I really admire Oikawa determination, he work really hard to be where he is, so i kind of get why he feel some kind of resentment, Kageyama is a natural-born genius when it come to volleyball, BUT there is something Oikawa have Kageyama don’t, it’s his adaptability. Oikawa can adapt his play to any spiker, even if it’s not one of his one team.

Something else I like with Oikawa, is even if he like to bother his former kouhai, if the latter come to have advises, Oikawa will still give him some.

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