If I had pinned it when I post the announcement at the end of August maybe more people would have participate, but it’s okay, it was the first time, pretty sure not everyone knew about that day. Hopefully more people will participate next year, cause of course I will remind everyone again that October 1st is the day where we celebrate our interest for those beautiful creature whom wear glasses.

Other than me, an other blogger wrote a piece for the Megane Day, Irina from I drink and watch anime.

She wrote a really nice post about Miyuki Kazua from the anime and manga series Ace of Diamond.

Megane Day – Miyuki Kazua

The series is on my “To Eventually Watch List” one day I will get to it, I swear. Not only the characters seems interesting but also it’s about baseball. Montreal use to have is own baseball team..the Expos..used too TT-TT. Anyway all this to say I will most certainly watch it cause I’m a big nostalgic.

Of course since I’m the one who made the announcement about it, I also wrote a post talking about the different type of megane who can be found in anime and manga.

Megane Day, The Type of Megane

I have to confess I wrote the post back in May, just in case I forgot about it.


So this is the result of the Megane Day 2017, It might be only two post but, every big day started small, one day the Megane Day will appear on calendar…

See you next year!! for an other edition of the Megane Day

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