Day 6 – Favorite Volleyball Position

I never really thought about my favorite volleyball position until I decide to tackle that challenge. The sport of a lot of interesting position and I really didn’t knew which one to choose. I really have to think about that one and I decide to stop my choice on the Libero.

Unlike the Wing Spiker, the Middle Blocker and the Setter, the player who is filling the Libero position is not on the front line and he (or she) generally the most skilled defensive player on the team.

The libero is responsible for a great deal of the passing in serve receive situations. Often the libero will be responsible for a much greater part of the court than the other members of the team. The libero is in the game to add ball control, so the main responsibility is to pass the ball well so the team can run properly run the offense.

On defense, the libero needs to dig well, getting a hand on every ball he can in order to keep the play alive. Since the libero has no actual attack responsibilities, he or she must chase down every ball they can.

He or she may also be responsible for setting if the ball is dug by the setter or out of the setter’s range.


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