Didn’t knew the “Lovely Blog Award” was exist thing, the person who created it got a really sweet idea.

Before starting the post, I want to thanks the very lovely Irina for nominated me, thank to you, who leave in the neighbor city of mine. You guy really have to check her blog!!


    • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
    • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
    • Share 7 things about yourself
    • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
    • Include this set of rules
    • Inform your nominees Just gonna hope everyone see it


    7 Thing About Myself
    This is the hardest part

    1 – I’m French-Canadian…
    Or more specifically Québécois but I still rather use the term French-Canadian since not everyone know where Quebec is even if it’s the biggest Canadian provinces. France can fit three times inside it, also…nah will not talk politic here.

    2 – I’m a night-owls
    That why I don’t mind working during the night, plus I don’t have to deal with customer and I can do a lot of more stuff.

    3 – I tend to prefer manga over anime
    Mostly cause of the artwork, yes not all the manga I great have a great visual, but I read a lot of manga that would be difficult to adapt just cause of the visual, like all Kaori Yuki series the detail she put in her work would be lost once adapted and I always feel the visual of her series was one of the many thing why her manga was great. An other reason is, but I still watch more anime than manga since I don’t have rally high standard when it come to anime.

    4 – The only video game I can play without wanting to throw my portable console across the room is Pokemon
    I don’t have a lot of patience when it come to video game, even if I like to play. Pokemon don’t required a lot of patience. I also like game like Harvest Moon or Story of Season, for some it might be boring but I enjoy a lot caring care of crops and farm animal.

    5 – Real Life Mel doesn’t equal Online Mel
    If I like making friend online, in real life is much more different, not that I don’t like making friend, it’s just that i have trust issues when it come to real life people. People I use to called friend in real life just decide to erase me from their life without any reason. I try to contact them once but I hit a wall. Plus I tend to be more friendly and less shy online.

    6 – I’m a big nostalgic
    I don’t like throw thing cause it remind me of something and I like buying stuff for the same reason. A couple of years ago, I asked an Expos jersey for Christmas (or my birthday) and my mom bought it to me. I don’t wear it, it’s in my closet, but it’s an official Expos jersey. For those who doesn’t know, the Expos was the baseball team of Montreal. An art trader bought the team and since that moron didn’t what to do with it, and cause he was he debt, he sold it. The new moved in Washington D.C and became the Nationals. Each time I hear about the Expos it make me sad and mad. Sad cause I truly miss them and mad cause of the way the team got handled. One of my biggest wish it to see a baseball team in Montreal again. But that can’t be don’t as long as we doesn’t have a new stadium….

    7 – Use to be an avid reader
    I still like to read, but my time management is not the best, so I buy book but I don’t read them…one day I will read them one day…meanwhile I will still continue to buy book. Let’s say right now I collect more book than I read.


    Here who I  nominate for that Award
    If you already received it feel free to overlook it

    Takuto’s Anime Cafe
    The Lily Garden
    Let’s Talk Anime
    Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
    Lita Kino Anime Corner
    Anime Girls NYC


    Once again thank you Irina for the nomination, I really appreciate it ^_^

    See you next time

19 thoughts on “1st One Lovely Blog Award… Am I Lovely ?

  1. Congratulations on the award.
    I’m a bit like you in reading. I used to read continuously but life happens and I find reading harder to get into when I’m tired so prefer to watch anime. Still, my to be read book pile keeps getting bigger because I keep buying books with the intention to read. When I get a break from work I tend to knock of three or four books in quick succession.

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  2. I feel ya there—all my best work is done at night. Used to be a huge morning person (and wish I still was one), but as the schoolwork got harder, I needed to sacrifice sleep for studying. Congrats on the award, and ooh, thanks for the nomination! I haven’t done (or received) one of these in a looooooong time, so this low key made my day! Thanks, I’ll see if I can get around to it!

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